5 Mar 2012, 10:41pm

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  • 3 Ways The Government Screwing Up The Economy Is Doing You A Favor

    The more they try to fix it, the more broken it becomes it seems

    Bail outs and stimulus plans sure haven’t done the trick. Unemployment is still way too high – even if they don’t count all the people who have given up trying to find a job.

    So how does this benefit you?

    Three ways, as I promised:

    1. You are now paying attention. Sorry, but it is true. We human beings take way too much for granted and trust way too many who don’t deserve it. Honestly, how many of you understand what printed US dollars really are? (Clue, they do not represent wealth, but rather debt.)
    2. You are slowly but painfully learning that the government is unable to take care of you from cradle to grave. Yes, I know, another rude and difficult awakening. But just look at Greece. And Spain, Ireland, Italy and Portugal. The system that so many have praised in Europe cannot sustain a population that stops producing. Even 9 year-old Susie, running her lemonade business in those Verizon commercials, knows that.
    3. Time to take matters into your own hands. Ever wonder what it would be like to never have to ask a boss for a raise, and to determine your own income by the size of your own individual effort with no supervisor looking over your shoulder and filing evaluations of you and your work?

    Many around the world have discovered that they can flip the bird to the boss and Big Economic Brother by starting their own network marketing business. The benefits are enormous:

    • Control your life, your hours, your commute
    • Determine the size of your paycheck
    • Take tax breaks you can’t enjoy now (be sure to consult an advisor who knows this industry)
    • Use and share good products
    • Create life-long relationships
    • Live anywhere in the world once you’ve gained full independence

    You can get your hands on a free report that lets you in on many of the secrets kept from us by those with an interest in our ignorance.

    Flip them the bird and download now.

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    Great article, Tony! You hit several nails on their heads. And how polite of you to phrase it as ‘flip them the bird!’

    When people start their home businesses, their first favorite flip will be their tax break. It’s great to go to the mailbox and find a check FROM the government.

    Good advice, sir!


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