15 Oct 2011, 11:02pm


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    WOW, have I been having flashbacks!

    OCCUPY has occupied more of my thoughts the past week than I planned on devoting to it. But I can explain. 

    I am a child of the ’60s, a dyed-in-the-wool Baby Boomer and the college campus protests of that time were very real experiences to me. 

    So seeing all these unwashed and tattooed kids – I’ve earned the right to call them that at my age – brings up a sort of twisted nostalgia. Twisted because my feelings are mixed. 

    Like “shaken not stirred” mixed.  

    Essentially we back in the ’60s were trying to stop an ill-advised, unwinnable war, a position that has since been corroborated by former Defense Secretary and president of Ford Motors Robert McNamara and participating generals of that war. 

    Stopping a war is stopping destruction and death.

    Please keep this in mind. I’m coming back to it. 

    Currently the protests are against what?

    The investment banks that got bailed out? CHECK – All for it.

    Our government, any government, has no business saving them. If they were too ill-managed they should be left to fail. That is the free-market credo that CEOs espouse, isn’t it?

    The Wall Street brokerage houses that similarly were saved? CHECK – All for it.

    If you or I make bad investment decisions, well we have to take the losses. So why shouldn’t they? Besides what they call investments are honestly nothing more than gambling rackets and Ponzi schemes, all of which give true capitalism a very bad name and readily supply the argument socialists love to wield.  

    When government gets this cozy with big businesses and banks political scientists have a word for it. They call it Fascism. 

    So if that’s what the Occupy protests are about they’d be little problem in my eyes. 

    But of course it’s not that simple. 

    What too many of them want is for the government to TAKE CARE OF THEM. Talk about a double standard.  

    Don’t Bail Out The Banks, Bail Us Out!  

    Without working? Just how is that possible? 

    Here in my eyes is the crux of the matter: Very few people understand how wealth is created so I’ll state it outright: Wealth is created by working. It is created by providing goods and services to people for them to buy. Do a good job, get rewarded. Do a rotten job, go out of business. 

    Simple, eh? And universal too. This fair and logical view is not exclusive to white, English-speaking, European-North American societies and cultures.  

    That’s why sometimes businesses go under – and should be allowed to go under – and why people are fired – and deserve to be fired. 

    This may sound simple and in my case biased but back in the 60s we long hairs were protesting destruction. What are these long hairs against? Work? 

    Yeah, The Beatles were right, we all need love but work is pretty damn necessary too . . .


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    I resonate with your comment. As someone who has worked in social services, I understand the concerns of that world. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are portrayed as evil, manipulative business owners.

    But everything we have was created by someone in business, someone provided a service or product to meet a need. I think that as business owners it is our responsibility to change that perspective.

    We need to be the example of business owners who make a difference in the world. I think of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that provides post-secondary education for students from low income backgrounds.

    It’s the income that Bill Gates generated through Microsoft that made that foundation possible. Business owners and the work that they create can transform the world.

    Thanks for raising this point.



    19 Oct 2011, 11:17pm
    by Tony Lauria


    Thank you so much for your comment Andrea.

    Yes, it it wonderful to share wealth and be philanthropic but so many, too many, fail to appreciate part of that equation.

    We have to CREATE wealth first before we can spread it around. And that requires effort and dedication.

    When someone other than me wants to redistribute what I’ve created and earned, it just ruins my day! Besides, that’s stealing.


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