11 Aug 2011, 6:15am
What It Takes To Win

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    As I was walking to Dunkin’ Donuts this morning for an iced tea and an hour’s worth of reading, the street sweeper was making its way along the curb, doing its thing. Ahead of it was a Sanitation patrol car driven by an inspector whose job is to clear the sweeper’s path and write summonses for illegally parked cars blocking that path.

    In front of the DD shop was a semi being unloaded by a small crew. The tractor trailer had been double parked leaving enough room for the patrol car and the sweep to perform their duties. But about 50 feet before the semi and its crew were two parked cars that were blocking the path.

    The inspector pulled up behind the first, flashed his lights and the driver rode off. He then pulled up behind the second as I was approaching alongside it. Walking beside the car now I could see there was no driver but it was occupied by an elderly woman. It was obvious the driver was on an errand while she was waiting patiently.

    The inspector was not so patient, eager to write out a parking ticket. Then all happening at once, the woman got out of the car, I entered the DD shop and right behind me one of the crew with a hand truck also came in announcing in a surprisingly low voice,
    “Who owns the Toyota outside?”

    The half dozen people ahead of me waiting to place breakfast orders looked up, all with caffeine craving blankness. One of them, an elderly man, asked, “The blue Corolla?”

    The DD crew member replied, “The street sweeper is trying to get by” to which the man dumbly stared, not eager to give up his place in line.

    I finally piped up and said with some force, “Sanitation is going to give you a ticket if you don’t move your car.”

    The old gent bolted out of the store. Apparently he got my message and quickly calculated that his position in line wasn’t worth the $100 summons he was about to get.

    Lesson? Sometimes getting to the point is of the essence and even 30 seconds can be too long.

    Question: Can you get your point across in 30 seconds or less when you really have to?

    If not, how is that hurting your business?

    Need help? Email me at tony@ajlauria.com

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