24 Jul 2011, 7:56pm
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    Many a pitched verbal battle was fought between me and the nitwits perched like vultures in a dead tree over at Better Networker (They never DID reveal Better for whom!)

    The topic was this: MLM is not a sales business but a relationship business primarily.

    Sure sales must happen or there’s no revenue and then no paychecks for us distributors. But if you approach your business with a traditional sales skill set, you may get a quick hit of cash but you WON’T build a business designed to keep paying you long into the future.

    So all that schreeching I got from those vultures at Better Networker revealed their philosophy and intent after all.

    ‘Build It Once and Build It To Last’ has to be built on solid relationships. I got that from Michael Dlouhy and Richard Dennis in the book Success In 10 Steps that has changed the lives of thousands of MLMers.  Yours is free with no obligation and waiting for you at http://ajlauria.bigmlmsecrets.com

    Just to flesh out the point here’s Randy Gage’s latest blog entry. You’d better sharpen those ‘People Skills’ of yours if you want to retire on your MLM check!

    Enjoy it:

    The Real Skills You Need

    By Randy Gage

    July 23rd, 2011

    As I do my training, the most requested topic is always recruiting.  But that is not the most important skill set you need for success in Network Marketing.

    The most important thing is people skills.

    Your biggest issues won’t be product related, your comp plan, or the marketing materials.  It won’t even be product recalls, back orders or negative publicity.

    It will be ego clashes, marriage problems, communication misunderstandings, and out of check egos.  It will be discord between relationships between you and your team, or between your leaders and their teams.

    So make sure you make working on these skills a big part of your self-development program.  Books like Dale Carnegie, The Five Love Languages, keeping your ego in check, and being willing to apologize will do more to grow your group than just about anything else.

    People come into our business with all sorts of baggage.  Most have never been in business for themselves.  Many have never had leadership positions.  So there’s a lot to learn for both you and them.

    Make a point to get better at this and it will really make a difference for you.




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