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  • “Ball Of Confusion”

    Baby Boomers may recall that title. It’s a song by the Temptations that very succinctly captures the mid to late 60s, in a funky sort of way.

    Google it. It is still a great tune with a driving beat.

    “That’s what the world is today, hey, yeah, Ball of Confusion.”

    You know how it is. There’s a line from a song and it just gets stuck in your mind, being played over and over and over again. Here’s one I can’t get out of my mind recently:

    “Vote for me and I’ll set you free! yeah, Ball of Confusion.”

    That’s how politics works, hey, yeah, Ball of Confusion.

    Get enough people to believe that the right person in office will give them freedom and get elected.

    Only it doesn’t work like that.

    No, the government does not grant you freedom, does not set you free.

    No, because it is not theirs to give or deny. Freedom is an inalienable right given to us by a creator no matter what you can him, her or it. Or don’t even accept you were created. You’re free to believe that too.

    Freedom is something we, each human being, are born with and it is something a government can only TAKE AWAY.  But only if we allow it.

    Yet politicians have finagled a way into making the masses believe it is theirs for the giving and the granting. And the denying. Like a king or queen or worse, an emperor.

    How far we have slid. How far from what the idea of this country was founded on, that all humans are created equal with inalienable rights, rights that no government can separate from its citizens without a process based on law, not on procedure.

    Independence Day is coming. This should be the day a president delivers a State of the Union address. But that would put too much attention on the Declaration of Independence and some might take it too seriously, might actually read the document.

    How far we have slid, hey, yeah, Ball of Confusion.

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