Believing IS Seeing

Let’s use the ever useful “Half-Empty or Half-Full glass” question. And what most of us have been taught to do: See first, then believe our eyes.

Seeing first, and describing LITERALLY what we actually do observe, we see that the glass is BOTH half-empty AND half-full AT THE SAME TIME. Isn’t that so?

But by CHOOSING to BELIEVE first that the glass is EITHER HALF-EMPTY OR HALF-FULL makes whichever condition we attend to SO. Not that the other condition isn’t so AS WELL, but that it isn’t BELIEVED, so it isn’t SEEN to be so.

Now try this in your life. The next time you’re facing an argument with a loved one, or a colleague, choose what to attend to. Choose what to believe first, and see what you see. Then articulate that or it won’t become REAL.

Remember LANGUAGE creates REALITY.

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Once again I appreciate your words and viewpoint, Tony…I haven’t been on BN for a bit. Relating to your passion and language posts…will marry this coming Friday, someone who has English as a second language (to Hebrew).

Words to live our dreams by 🙂

Gee Tony, had a coaching session before my last post, marriage was cancelled, and beginning to look at how language creates reality all in one eveing.


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