Building Wealth With Network Marketing

To have health is to be or live healed. To have wealth is to be or live well.

Doug Casey is a man who knows a thing or two about wealth and he was recently quoted in Dr. Steve Sjuggerud’s newsletter DailyWealth Premium.

There are some radical thoughts there but as Doug writes, “these ideas weren’t radical 200 years ago… But they are considered radical now. That’s why it’s important to keep them in mind. In the financial crisis I see coming, the right ideas might mean your life.”

From that newsletter I would like to share some points from both Doug and Steve.

First Doug:

1.      “First, recognize that wealth is a high moral good.

Don’t feel guilty about having it or about wanting more. I do believe that productive people – people who work hard to provide goods and services for others – definitely tend to be wealthier than unproductive people. They deserve to be. And since we don’t live in a malevolent universe, people generally get what they deserve. So, yes, wealth is definitely one indicator of moral excellence.”

2.      “Second, figure out your purpose in having money.

Sure, money makes life easier. And it’s nice how it enables you to assist people you like with material things. But I strongly suggest that you not take too short a view on this matter.”

3.      Steve Sjuggerud enumerates Doug’s 3-step plan to building wealth. As the focus of this blog is wealth and Network Marketing, please pay special attention to these three steps and see if what I have boldfaced below doesn’t make the case for Network Marketing.

“Step 1: Liquidate. Chances are high that you have too much “stuff.” That stuff is costing you money in storage cost, in depreciation and in the weight of psychological baggage. It’s weighing you down. Get rid of it.

“Step 2: Consolidate. Take stock of your assets. After Step 1, that should be a lot easier.

“Your main asset is knowledge, skills and connections you possess. Take stock of them. What do you know? What can you do? Whom do you know? Make lists and think about these things, with an eye to maximizing their value.

“Step3 is the most important… the ability to create. Working for yourself is the easiest way to create.
“Think like an entrepreneur at all times. Remember that there is an infinite desire for goods and services on the part of the 6 billion other people on the planet. Find out how you can give them what they want, and the money will roll in.” 

If you are thinking of getting started in a home-based business but don’t know what to do first, download this free report and start creating some wealth.

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