12 Aug 2011, 10:21pm
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    At a recent event where network marketers had gathered I met a young man who eagerly approached me for my business card once he learned that I am an MLM mentor.

    Let’s call him Vinnie (not his real name).

    Vinnie is very charismatic and athletically built. He is currently in his 4th company, convinced “that this is the one”. As most MLMers are, Vinnie longs to get out of the rat race, be his own man, have all his needs and wants met.

    Beautiful. I relate to Vinnie on several levels so he got my card, downloaded the eBook – SUCCESS IN 10 STEPS – I use as an introduction into our mentoring and training system, MentoringForFree.

    Specifically Vinnie was looking for “how to be comfortable talking with people.” This confused me because as I said above Vinnie is very charismatic.

    So after some Q&A on the phone I arrived at the root of our dilemma: Vinnie wanted the words, wanted “what to say”.

    Is there anyone alive who hasn’t picked up the phone only to hear someone reading a sales script? How did you know it was being read? Simple. The words being spoken had nothing to do with who you are, how you are, where you are, what you want or what you need.

    The words and the speaker weren’t related to you at all and you knew it on a deep, gut level of awareness. And it offended you too, didn’t it?

    So why was Vinnie looking for “what to say”? As far as I can figure, two reasons.

    1. Vinnie believed deeply in his company and wants it to grow fast, which is alright as far as it goes. But . . .
    2. Vinnie was depending too much on his charisma.

    Here’s what I told Vinnie: “To simply give you “what to say” is the same as giving you a script, and scripts are bullshit. Anyone listening with even half a brain will detect that you are only conscious of “what to say” and you won’t be taken seriously. And you want to be taken seriously. Don’t you?”

    My advice to him was to learn his profession inside and out and learn what to say in response to what his potential business partner says.

    In other words, LEARN TO LISTEN, LEARN TO ASK QUESTIONS THAT ARE RESPONSIVE TO WHAT IS BEING DISCUSSED. If you know your business and company well you will know what to say.

    And many wonder why 98% fail.

    If you are looking for mentoring for your MLM business you can contact me directly at

    tony@ajlauria.com and download a free copy of Success In 10 Steps here


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    Bullscript! We love a new word, especially when it sums everything up so well, so succinctly and so sarcastically! We’ve presented you with the George Orwell Award of the Week!

    Learning a script is a fish. Learning an approach is a fishing pole. We love Harry Browne’s Ten Word Secret Of Success: “Find Out What Others Want And Help Them Get It!”

    Thanks for a great article. We need more straight talk in the swirly twirly world of network marketing!

    Together to the top!
    Bob and Anna

    15 Aug 2011, 6:47pm
    by Tony Lauria


    Thanks Bob & Anna. Yes, we all could use more straight talk within the network marketing universe. The overwhelming success of the mlm business model is the proverbial double-edged sword: while it has generated literally hundreds of millions of dollars for us all that success has also attracted the professional swindler. Remedy? Vigilance, straight talk and clear thinking. Thank you both for your contributions to that goal.

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