2 Jun 2011, 6:39am
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    I unabashedly will tell you that I love my business mentors Bob and Anna. They are a fun-loving, talented, tough yet loving, experienced couple living way up there in Ontario. They’re so nice they even put me up (and put up with me) over the previous holidays for 8 snowed-in days. Yikes!

    Why just today I got some great advice from Anna about how to deal with a prospect’s predicament. It was terrific advice and it worked. But I’m not surprised.

    However, there is one thing I don’t quite see eye-to-eye with Bob. Maybe it’s my own curiosity about human behavior but I do like to delve into what makes a prospect tick once a business relationship has set sail.

    I’m not talking about psychotherapy here, but we as network marketers do after all inquire as to WHY the prospect wants to get into this cockamamie business! And the answers are quite revealing and not only to us!

    A recent post  here http://liveyourdream-ownyourlife.com/your-world-is-your-word dealt with a young woman who was not doing right by herself and, as a mentor should, I called her on it.

    I also wrote an Ezinearticle on the same subject which struck a chord with Bob,  so much so that he was gracious enough to post it inon their blog http://togethertothetop.com/?p=5470 entitled MLM Success Tip – Keep your Promises!

    What I don’t quite find myself in accord with Bob is his idea that the first rule of undertanding human behavior is don’t even try!

    Now at first glance this may seem humorous, and it is, but I was under the impression that marketing is ABOUT human behavior, at least some aspects of it, isn’t it? I mean, aren’t we trying to make a connection and influence them in some way? Wouldn’t understanding how the human animal behaves go a long way in helping us toward that end?

    What do you think?

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    Hi Tony

    We agree with you completely about networking being a relationship building process. The reason I brought up the first rule was to show that no matter how much ‘know, like, and trust’ you have developed, people can still surprise you by going off and doing something whacko.

    At least it looks whacko to us, and that’s where Harry Browne makes sense on two counts. He says that people do things to increase THEIR happiness, which rarely looks anything like OUR happiness. Goodbye, agenda!

    He also says (in a great Christmas letter to his daughter) that no one owes you anything. It takes a lot of pressure off if you extend that to no one having any obligation to make sense … to us, that is. We’re sure they are making sense to themselves, but we don’t live on that planet.

    The real benefit of knowing Rule One (Don’t Try To Understand Human Behavior) is that you don’t waste time pondering when you could be out finding someone who DOES make sense to you. These will be the people you’ll be able to work with in the future for a long and lucrative partnership.

    We recommend spending enough time on the puzzle to learn where to improve ourselves, but not so much as to hold us back from the next step on the road to our goals.

    7 Jun 2011, 7:05pm
    by Tony Lauria


    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your comment. And I don’t think we’re really in disagreement here.

    I’ve read Harry Browne’s brilliant The Secret of Selling Anything in which the author calls for finding out what your prospect is looking for to see if what you’ve got will solve their problem. And to find out what they’re looking for, engage them in a purposeful conversation.

    My interpretation of that is finding out “what makes them tick” not for the purpose of changing and converting them but to see if “what I’ve got is what they’re looking for”.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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