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    If the saying, “You are what you eat” is true, I’d say I am also what I’ve studied.

    Born, raised and educated in New York City, I absolutely love learning and have studied, in no particular order, acting, Chinese medicine and shiatsu, astrology, architecture, photography, painting and sculpture, and Anthropology, in which I earned my BA.

    Jobs? Work?  Sales, teaching, private investigating, bar tendering – but about 7 years ago I became a devotee of the ‘People’s Franchise’, aka MLM or Network Marketing.

    It’s a rough business if you don’t know what you’re doing. I have some scars and debt to attest to that. With so much money to be made in this arena there’s plenty to attract charlatans and crooks. Yet there’s plenty to be gotten here and more to give. If you have the skills, that is.

    At the 2008 convention of my current MLM company, a VP presenter said, “This business will challenge every weakness you have.”

    And so it has. So you could add Personal Development to my list of interests. No, passionate necessities is more like it.

    In fact you could put Personal Development at the head of the list right now. And it was while I was in my second MLM company that Tom, my sponsor, impressed upon me the importance of it. My initial reaction was what do these two have to do with each other.

    Gradually I understood not only the causative link between what I thought and what I got in my business, but what I created in my relationships, my health, my finances – my world in total. It became clear to me how immensely powerful we, each of us, are and how tragically so many, many of us can’t bear the responsibility of creating a world of our own choosing, and so surrendering that power to any authority promising the most.

    As the great Gandhi said, “We must be the world we want” and that truth holds fast whether we consciously hold in Mind what it is we want or we don’t bother to pay attention at all to what two thoughts are bumping up against each other.

    It happens anyway. Just look at the world the way it is. It is no exaggeration at all to say that there is an ongoing tug o’ war on a cosmic scale between those who are consciously creating the world and those who are on some kind of ‘lazy-man’s-way-to-riches’ cruise control just looking to get by.

    My most valuable creation is my health, both physical and mental. I strive not only to be aware of what I eat but what thoughts I feed my Mind as well. Most recently, with the prices of  food skyrocketing and with all we hear about how the condition of our farming soil, and therefore the quality of our food, I’ve begun a serious backyard elevated garden using nothing but the soil I create everyday with table scraps in a really simple compost. Ultimately the ‘waste’ gets turned into food again by feeding our carrots, peas, broccoli, tomatoes and spinach.

    So, in a phrase I’d say this blog project is about Conscious Choice and the awareness of how powerful and essential that is to true Happiness. I hope I can contribute something to you.

    There are some clickable links to products or services that I personally use so you should assume that I am an affiliate of them. Be certain that I will never endorse anthing I do not personally use.

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