Creating Your Purpose – Crafting Your WHY

In my last post I used something Joseph Campbell said to make the point that we create our lives – or not. If we do not inform and infuse meaning and purpose into our lives, they have none. Life is meaningless unless we do something about it.

Since nothing could be more undesirable than living a meaningless life, here’s how to take care of that. Here is a point-by-point plan to craft your life’s WHY, something that MUST be about YOU. Let me remind You that this is NOT Selfish in the way most people take that to mean.

I have borrowed the outline from one of my team’s mentors, Sarah Thompson, and have then made it my own. Take the time to Use it. It works. And thank you Sarah.

  1. Accept & Believe that You have Powers beyond your Imagination.
  2. Expand your Imagination to catch up to those Latent Powers to become anything You desire Becoming.
  3. Create a Plan. Work at it. Adjust it as required. (It is a living, breathing entity.)
  4. You have already – no matter what your age is now – been many people: a child, a youngster, a brother or sister, a son or daughter, a boy or girl friend, a student, a parent, a serviceman or servicewoman, a grandparent. Understand ALL these experiences helped you attained a slightly different outward personality, each time leading to a new You.
  5. Using these experiences, accept that You are capable of Changing and have done so, but mostly Unconsciously and as situations demanded.
  6. KNOW it’s your turn to Consciously Change, on Your Demand.
  7. Take the time to reflect, putting No Time Limit or Pressure on Yourself.
  8. Know Yourself- Know Your Story. What has happened to You & Your life? Has your life turned out the way you thought it would?
  9. WHAT happened to Your Dreams? What filters are working against You? What conditioning beliefs are not serving You? How do You interpret You, Your Life and Your Beliefs? Where did You get those Beliefs?
  10. Where do You want to be in 5 years . . . in 2 years . . . next year . . . in 6 months . . . next month . . . in 2 weeks?
  11. What do You desire in your relationships with your spouse, children, parents, neighbors, colleagues?
  12. How do you recreate yourself? What thrills You & gives You goosebumps? What fulfills You & makes You happy?
  13. What are You grateful for and do You regularly express Gratitude?
  14. Decide on a Goal in each of these areas: Personal Values, Relationships, Personal Freedom.
  15. Craft your Self-Talk that is Synchronized with Your newly designed  and crafted ‘WHY’.

If you prefer to work with a mentor, please contact me at the email address above.

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