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    If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present. ~ Lao Tzu

    Pay attention to the language you hear coming out of the Democratic National Convention this week. Take note of how many times you hear any of the speakers talk about the Great Depression and how much greater this depression is than that one was. Also pay attention to any analysts who will use the words nostalgia  and nostalgic more than usual.

    You’ll hear them talk about how they can bring the country back from the depths and once in a while you’ll hear some of them wax romantically about FDR rescuing the country from it and how this current president can do – is doing – the same but how all the former Republican administrations spending put us where we are now.

    Now I know the Republican National Convention ended last week but if you can recall – or even Google – some of the speeches, you will discover that we heard language that does not evoke depression but anxiety and fear for the future.

    The language of the Republicans doesn’t describe depths but falling from heights, especially ‘going off the cliff’. Their party has been energized by the Tea Partiers, a group focused solely on fiscal responsibility despite all the political charges tossed at them by the Dems. Clearly the Tea Party is anxious about the future in terms of the fiscal health of the country.

    The Repubs know a good line of attack when they see one so they go after Dem spending because “it threatens the future of our children and the country” they are fond of saying.

    Their only reference to the past is a comparison of today with four years ago. (Remember that was originally Reagan’s question.)

    The Democratic obsession over the past is also evident in how incapable they are of dealing with the future. I mean $500 million flushed on the failed company Solyndra, deigned to provide us energy for the future – evidence of no foresight.

    The Republican anxiety about the future encourages them to disregard the past. Evidence: the neo-con wars begun in Bush 43’s terms, especially in Afghanistan, a country not subdued by either the British in the 19th century or the Russians in the 1980s.

    As in any paradox built on only two points of view or two options, both camps are somewhat right – and somewhat wrong – at the same time.

    And that’s why there’s no real difference in many of the proposed solutions of either of the two parties. We’re either going to have a Democratic government with nostalgic solutions like buying good ol’ General Motors, that is, spending, or a Republican government cutting taxes on the rich, the ‘job creators’, who usually don’t do that except for those in India, the Philippines, etc..

    We’ve seen BOTH these movies and they are BOTH reruns.

    I am suggesting that the Democrats are no longer the party of the donkey but the party of the Grasshopper; the Republicans are no longer symbolized by an elephant but by Ants.

    Don’t know the reference? This may jog your memory. They are the main characters in one of Aesop’s most well-known fables The Grasshopper and the Ants.

    (I just reread it and was struck by the image of soldier ants toiling for the colony.)

    If you are sick and tired of the same old rhetoric, it is time for you to reclaim your mind and repair the rift of all dualities create.

    I have just published a book on Kindle Direct Publishing available only online. You can purchase it and read it on your Kindle or reader with a free download of Kindle for any device.

    The thumbnail to the right will lead you directly to the page featuring my book.

    And please don’t be fooled – this book is not about Network Marketing exclusively, but about how we have collectively lost our minds to external distractions peddled to us as culture & politics disguised as entertainment.

     Culture, Politics, Entertainment & Irresponsibility in Network Marketing: Why Recruiting & Keeping Your Downline Populated Keep Getting Harder

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