Don’t Sell – SERVE

I went to a networking event last night that was advertised as a Social Media event. Little did I realize it would be the perfect Real-ization of what happens in that virtual online world.

When the presenter – a very personable man – kept trying to impress the audience of 50 with the high Google rankings his 40 websites consistently achieve, I had the feeling I get when reading invitations to friendship on Facebook. Not to disparage Facebook but to highlight how it’s being used.

You’ve seen them: “Thank you for adding me as a friend. I look forward to sharing some ideas on networking and marketing with you.” Shortly thereafter you’re hit with this: ” Here’s my deal. It’s in pre-launch and you’ll be rich by next Thursday ’cause the product is . . . blah, blah, yada, yada . . . and endorsed by . . . “

Last evening’s presenter did just that: after the warm-up and presentation of his top 40 Google hits, he offered his one-on-one services (“not cheap” he called them) to get our websites to the top five rankings in less than a week. And to host our sites as well.

But the biggest disappointment, saved for the end, was what he called “hard networking”. Dividing the group, he had the first 25 stay put while the second 25 rotated giving each of us 1 minute of face-to-face time to make our pitch. Though he didn’t call it that, of course. He called it “relationship building”.  In one minute!

Please remember this: 98% of the population DOES NOT like to be sold. I learned this the hard way from my previous failures in networking. It finally registered when I had a way of putting it into context. I had believed, as most of the business population does, that SELLING is what doing business is all about.

Wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

Doing business is knowing and serving people. Don’t sell. Serve.

Beginning and end of story. What put this all into context for me was Success In 10 Steps.

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21 Jul 2009, 7:12pm
by Linda Duray


Well done Tony. All your posts ring true.

Thanks for visiting Linda and for your gracious comment.


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