28 Apr 2011, 10:28pm
Spirit and Money What It Takes To Win

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    When I was originally introduced to the world of Network Marketing, I came across the phrases ‘time freedom’ and ‘financial freedom’. A bit of quick thinking reveals they are actually one and the same. Maybe that’s why ‘economic freedom’ works better. It instinctively incorporates time and wealth.

    Yet this is a phrase I’ve recently been hearing not in any way associated with Network Marketing, but with the current political and economic turmoil in the United States.

    Historically economic freedom was the fundamental reason for the American Revolution. Oppressive taxation with no representation from the American colonies constituted economic servitude to the king – at least from the colonists’ perspective. Getting rid of the king and his unjust laws in favor of self-determination was the aim of the Franklins, Adamses, Jeffersons, Washingtons et al.

    But this is not an American history post. Rather it is to examine this idea of ‘Economic Freedom’.

    Economic freedom is not about having all the money you could ever dream of but rather freedom from being taxed into debt – or to death – and the freedom to work as you see yourself working – as much or as little as you choose yet living with those consequences.

    From my point of view it comes down to each citizen having control of his or her own economic life. Keeping the products of your labor, whether physical or mental work, is an inalienable right, a right that cannot be separated from the individual, and a right that is not granted by any government but given by a Supreme Being to each Human Being.

    You hear a lot today about people hoarding food, gasoline, guns and gold. Sorry but this is fueled by fear, and fear is never an effective protector.

    Self-sufficiency however is another thing altogether.                                                             

    Growing food in the quantity and quality you and your family need and desire is worth your time and effort. Finding a home-based business that is ethically run, pays almost immediately to even part-timers, has quality and sought after products and supports your efforts with training and teamwork is yet another pursuit worthy of your time.

    It’s a cliché by now but a truism nonetheless: freedom of any kind is never free. But the cost of it should never be crippling or what exactly would be the point.

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    Thank you for the post, Tony. Self-sufficiency was a term my high school geography teacher talked about that I could never forget. Sometimes getting back to zero (paradigm shift?) to is the way to launch a new freedom. This time, based on “more to all, less to none” as an advancing personality.


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