23 Apr 2011, 7:27pm
Spirit and Money What It Takes To Win

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    In a previous post (http://liveyourdream-ownyourlife.com/?p=321) I wrote that life has no meaning unless we give it some. In other words, your life is waiting to be defined and formed, molded and created.

    (You could say THIS is the meaning of being born again.)

    But how do we create meaning and give life form and definition?

    The very first stumbling block is our culture, or what we have fed to us by parents, family, school teachers and classmates, religious institutions, any patriotic and political influences. And that’s not to mention whatever socio-economic class we find ourselves plopped down inside of with all those twisted and politicized ideas about money, how to get it and what those people “really” are who already have it.

    The idea of “being rich” is one of the most ambiguous memes we ever come across. Today more than ever “rich” is being thrown around because the country is going broke.

    Politicians on both sides love Big Government and want to keep things going as is for as long as they can, just pushing the problems onto the next group that takes office.

    So they propose more and higher taxes. But not for you and me. Just the rich.

    But how the heck does anyone, most especially the government, define the rich?

    Here’s how: anyone with more than you is rich. But there’s an immediate problem with that because that sounds more like envy and coveting than it does being wealthy. It sounds divisive and petty and mean. It does not sound like a principled plan.

    Thoughts are things. If you’ve spent only 15 minutes on any Self-help or Personal Development book, CD or DVD, you know this to be a truth. Things are real and so thoughts are real. And thoughts manifest in 3-dimensional space. So be careful what you wish for and think about all the time.

    If you think the other guy has more money and a better life, well, then, he does. Consequently, if YOU think your way to more money and a better life, well then you’ll have more money and a better life.

    This may sound simplistic but I don’t really think it is because it’s not immediate like rubbing Aladdin’s lamp. There’s work involved. And maybe that’s the difficulty – there’s work involved.

    Nonetheless, purposeful, directed and focused work effort results in . . . wealth. The more you think about it the more likely you are to acquire it – but it is NOT magic. You’ll need the necessary desire, a professional plan and some help from LIKEMINDED people.

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