12 Apr 2012, 7:47pm

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  • How Dumb Can Politicians Get!

    About as dumb as some MLM upline business owners?

    If you haven’t heard this one yet, here it is: Democrat strategist Hillary Rosen said on CNN last night that Ann Romney, wife of sure-to-be Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney, “never worked a day in her life”.

    In light of the fact that Mrs. Romney raised FIVE boys, in light of the fact that the emerging Democratic strategy for the upcoming presidential election is to assert that Republicans don’t honor women, Ms. Rosen’s comments are beyond stupid.

    They are well beyond the border of ridiculousness and remind me of some of the insanity I’ve heard from different upline personages in my MLM career over the years. Here’s a short list:

    — make a list of family and friends who secretly envy you and DON”T want you to succeed,

    — spend good money on the purchase of a list of people who aren’t even remotely interested in owning their own business,

    — talk to every single person you ever encounter during your entire day (aka the 3′ foot rule) without ever qualifying them for interest in what you do,

    and my all-time favorite,

    — this is for everyone and anyone can do it! As if someone’s disposition, desire and skills have nothing to do with success of any kind.

    It makes you wonder how anyone — I’ll be kind — so misinformed, can rise so high. In politics or Network Marketing.

    Then again, on second thought, it’s not so unimaginable after all. The world is full of deceit, injustice and cronyism.

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