Lack of MLM Skills Is Only Part of the Problem

Those who have been mentored by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter know that people fail in MLM because they lack the necessary skills. But I believe that’s only the beginning.

What if a network marketer buys and studies all the CDs and books and attends all the seminars and workshops –in other words, has all the skills – but still struggles and fails because THE SKILLS ARE NOT PUT TO USE.

Doesn’t that beg the question that there must be more going on than lack of skills?

Don’t we have to ask WHY that network marketer is not using the skills?

And what’s gotten into his mind that’s distracted him or confused and deterred her?

The percentage of network marketers who ARE making their goals won’t give this much thought unless they first have downline members who fit this description of struggle and second, care about those struggling.

The percentage of network marketers who are making their goals ARE most likely using the required skills and so are making Big Al’s point.

Unfortunately the vast majority in MLM is not and so is struggling and thus contributing to the common perception that MLM doesn’t work – to say the most harmless thing about it.

That’s why I wrote my book. I took six stories of six different people that I had a series of phone conversations with over the course of several weeks. They each swore they wanted to succeed but allowed outside people, forces and ideas to derail them. In the book I told their stories and then suggested what those ideas and forces might be and why so many, some say as high as 98%, fail.

I wrote this book to shed some light on a problem that is largely self-imposed and so is largely self-correctable, provided the will is there.

Tony Lauria

PS: The book is available only as an Amazon Kindle ebook download. You can turn any device you have into a compatible eReader with software from Amazon at no cost here.

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