14 Apr 2012, 5:47am
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    In answer to my post yesterday HOW DUMB CAN POLITICIANS GET! the answer is DUMBER. Much dumber.

    Instead of backing out of the muck they created by criticizing Ann Romney, they waded deeper into it.

    If you missed it here’s a quick recap. Hilary Rosen, a Democratic strategist, said that Mrs. Romney “Never worked a day in her life” in spite of the fact the woman has raised five sons, survived cancer and now suffers from Multiple Sclerosis.

    How have her critics gone deeper into the goo you may ask.

    By saying that she and her husband haven’t had the life experiences most Americans have faced.

    And what is the rationale these critics suffer under and use to get away with this attack?

    Why, the Romneys have MONEY!

    So, using this quite convoluted logic, when one  has MONEY! one has nothing that could ever pass for real life experience. Or struggles. Or heartbreak..

    Because where there is MONEY!, there are never,  ever any real problems, are there?

    Cancer? MS? So what? She has MONEY!

    How utterly revealing. These numbskulls believe that MONEY! solves all problems; that with MONEY! nothing else really matters; that having lots of MONEY! makes one immune to the troubles, struggles and heartbreaks of life. And one could never have any worthwhile life experience on the way to actually creating all that wealth.

    Is there a better example of money being misunderstood than what these fools are exhibiting?

    Someone’s being swallowed up by their own vile mess.

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