3 Jul 2012, 2:09pm
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    Okay, we all know that MLM = Multi-Level Marketing but how about QALY?

    Thanks to President Obama, and now more recently Chief Justice Roberts, we Americans will have to become very familiar with this new acronym.

    The quality-adjusted life years measurement (the ‘QALY’) is a standardized measurement used in publicly funded healthcare systems, such as in Great Britain, to determine how modern medical care will be doled out. Here’s a quote from the url:  http://www.nice.org.uk/newsroom/features/measuringeffectivenessandcosteffectivenesstheqaly.jsp

     “With the rapid advances in modern medicine, most people accept that no publicly funded healthcare system . . . can possibly pay for every new medical treatment which becomes available. The enormous costs involved mean that choices have to be made.

     “It makes sense to focus on treatments that improve the quality and/or length of someone’s life and, at the same time, are an effective use of . . . resources.

     “To ensure our judgements are fair, we use a standard and internationally recognised method . . .  the quality-adjusted life years measurement (the ‘QALY’).”

     Allow me to translate.

     If you are 80 years old and need a hip replacement a calculation will be made to determine the number of quality years you have left. When it is determined that number is too low, you very likely may be denied the resources, which may go to a 30 year old determined to have more quality years left. That will not make you happy.

     But what if that 30 year old is an illegal immigrant?

     This is the New World that Obama and Roberts have created. Perhaps if Pelosi and the others had read the bill before voting on it, and if it had been called a tax, the vote might have come out differently. But that did not happen and we are now faced with a two-tier system: the wealthy will be able to get any and all healthcare they need and the rest of us will all be in the same boat, scratching for what resources the “experts” have and have calculated we deserve based on how many years of “quality life” we have left. ~ “Sorry you 80 year old, no hip replacement for you. You’ll have to spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair.”

     Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi was funny, Obama’s healthcare Nazis will not be.

     I do not like to present a problem without suggesting a solution. So what to do?

    1.  Stay healthy. Stop eating garbage that some are trying to pass off as food.
    2. Get off the couch and MOVE. Your body is designed to MOVE. Forego the wheelchair and flip the healthcare Nazis the bird.
    3. Take supplements. Even the better food may be nutritionally deficient.
    4. Become as wealthy as you can. Get past any mental barriers about that.
    5. Consider network marketing or MLM. It is as simple as what you have been doing since you were five years old but you haven’t been getting paid for it. It is time you changed that. You can get a copy of the Classic Are You Walking Past a Fortune? at no charge. Just click on the walking, whistling dollar above and on the right.

     Good Health & Wealth to You!

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