2 Nov 2011, 7:48am
Leadership MLM Tip from 'Big Al'

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  • MLM Tip: Don’t blame your sponsor … yet

    Big Al knows we all like to gripe about our upline, and lord knows many of them ARE worthless, but this will help you get a better idea of whose responsibility is whose.~~~

    When you join network marketing, it is important to understand the responsibilities of your sponsor, and the responsibilities you have to yourself.

    Your sponsor is responsible to give you things such as:

    * A couple “icebreakers” to help you easily get presentations.

    * A “One-Minute Presentation” so you can look professional in explaining your business.

    * Some opening sentences to prospect your warm market without risking objections.

    * A fool-proof sentence or two to get appointments.

    If your sponsor gives you a few of the basic skills above, then what are some of your responsibilities?

    * To consistently prospect to build your business.

    * To invite prospects to meetings, three-way calls, two-on-one appointments, etc.

    * To study and attend trainings to learn the skills to be a professional network marketer.

    * To take personal responsibility for your success.

    It is a two-way street. You can’t expect your sponsor to do it all for you.

    Once your sponsor gives you some of the basic skills, it is up to you. You can whine and complain that you have no one to talk to, that no one will listen to you, that you don’t know what to do … but it is your business.

    Your choice to abandon responsibility and to invest in self-sabotaging thoughts is your decision, not your sponsor’s decision.

    You will have to take the initiative to learn and solve these problems in your business. It’s not your sponsor’s responsibility to make you successful. ~~~

    If you find yourself without the Icebreakers, a 1-minute┬ábusiness presentation or a fool-proof sentence to get an appointment, you’re in luck.

    There’s an ongoing webinar series devoted to the skills Big Al teaches. You can register for it and get all the details at http://www/MLMreadysetgo.info and please use my name, Tony Lauria, as your inviter.

    And No, this is not an affiliate program.

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