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  • MLM Tip from Big Al: Death Wish Marketing – Lesson #2

    Last time I shared with you Lesson #1 from ‘Big Al’ on Death Wish Marketing or Believing Our Enthusiasm for Our Product Has Something to Do With What Our Prospects Want.

    Let’s move on to Lesson#2 from ‘Big Al’:


    Before selling the Wonderful Product, do a survey to find the best market for Wonderful Product prospects.

    Remember the cat from Lesson #1? The cat didn’t want canned garbage. However, during our interview the cat told us that dogs loved canned garbage. Now we have located a market to sell our canned garbage. All we have to do is call on some hungry dogs.

    The same holds true for Wonderful Product that improves common sense. We need to survey and locate the nest of prospects who want more common sense.

    Maybe we find a bunch of baseball owners and baseball players. They could take the Wonderful Product and realize that they earn money by actually playing baseball — not from strike talks and endless negotiations.

    Or, we locate a group meeting of the “Flat Earth Society.” They’ll be inspired when their newly-found common sense shows them that the earth is round.

    As professional marketers we must spend our efforts locating prospects who want (not need) our products. This is ten times more effective than peddling sales presentations to every breathing organism that we encounter.

    So if you sell water filters, don’t try selling them to everyone. Focus your efforts on people who care about their health.

    If you sell car alarms, locate prospects who own customized automobiles. Since the owners invested personal time and effort in the customizing, you can be sure they want to protect their car. Conversely, owners of Pacers and Gremlins (remember them!) may actually want people to steal their cars. Those prospects would be a waste of time.

    If you want to reach sewing enthusiasts, advertise in the Sewing Circle, not Gun Trafficking Gazette. Your prospect, the sewing enthusiast, is looking for editorials, stories and ads about sewing and subscribes to the Sewing Circle.

    If you want to reach network marketing enthusiasts, advertise in network marketing publications, not in Socialism Today.


    All this makes such perfect sense I wonder why I didn’t think of it myself! Maybe I should take some of those commonsense pills!

    Here’s a peek at Lesson #3 from ‘Big Al’:


    Imagine we interview a bunch of readers from Socialism Today. They tell us they want an MLM program that requires no investment, no work, no recruiting, no selling, and no anything.

    “Aha!” we think. Our survey has located what these prospects want.

    Unfortunately, these aren’t the people who want to become MLM leaders, and certainly aren’t the ones who will invest in their own training and marketing expenses. They just want something with no effort.


    Imagine – prospects who are looking for an MLM program that requires No investment of time or money, No work, No recruiting and No selling. Sounds like 98% of those who fail!

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