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  • MLM Tip from ‘Big Al’: Death Wish Marketing or What Hungry Cats Can Teach Us

    ‘Big Al’ recently shared three lessons with us Network Marketers regarding the importance – or non-importance – of loving our product or service. Below is Lesson #1 with¬†#2 and #3 to follow. Enjoy and Learn.


    Our enthusiasm for our product has nothing to do with what our prospects want. We’re going about this all backwards.

    Dear Fortune-Building Friend and Subscriber,


    What is the favorite cat food flavor that finicky felines recommend?

    1. Tuna

    2. Chicken

    3. Beef

    4. Pork

    5. Liver & Kidney

    6. Cream

    Tough choice, isn’t it?

    Here’s the problem.

    We’re trying to choose the best flavor based on our experience or limited observation. Quite honestly, we’ve never tasted any samples of these six delicious flavors. That means we’re operating on guesswork.

    Or, we could operate on observation. We can watch hungry cats choose which cat food flavor they eat first. But that creates a problem. We are limited to observing the six-flavor varieties above. What about other flavors? Would cats like to try something else?

    Now we’re getting somewhere.

    Instead of guessing, we’ll get the facts. We’re going to interview a cat.

    Interviewer: “Tell me about your daily cuisine. What type of foods do you like?”

    Cat: “Meow, meow, meow.” (Translation: “Every day it’s the same canned garbage with six slightly different aromas. Yuck! Dogs love canned garbage, but not us discriminating felines. However, I must eat whatever my domesticated servants bring me from the grocery store. Unfortunately, they’re not too bright. These I.Q. deficient humans must shop on instinct and continue to go to the same aisle and shelf every trip. Maybe I’ll send them to obedience school or yeah . . . that’s it. I’ll send them to the vet!”)

    Interviewer: “Sounds like someone could make a fortune if they would market what cats want! So, if you had your choice, what flavor or type of food would you choose?”

    Cat: “Meow, meow, meow.” (Translation: “Mouse guts! Fresh mouse guts! They’re the best. They’re the ‘cat’s meow’! Awesome stuff! I mean, what can those mentally-challenged human shoppers be thinking? That cats stalk the wild for a tin can of flavored lard? No, we hunt for fresh mouse guts!”)

    The payoff

    Hmmm. Now we are getting somewhere. If we want to market food to cats, let’s find out what they want!

    But, that’s only part of the equation.

    There’s more.

    However, let’s first see how this part applies to multi-level marketing.

    For our example, we’re going to talk about selling some products. Of course, you can apply the same principles to selling your business opportunity.

    Imagine that you sell the Wonderful Product. It’s a high-energy multi-vitamin that improves common sense.

    If we are amateur marketers, we’ll just try to sell it to anybody. We won’t even try to find out where our market lies. Our sole purpose is to push the product down the customers’ throats, whether they want it or not. (Sounds a little bit like those mentally-challenged cat servants, in case you’re not following this analogy.)

    Without caring about our prospect’s needs, the typical sales presentations goes something like this:

    MLM salesperson: “Take this Wonderful Product. It will give you some common sense.”

    Highly-Paid Government Official: “What? And lose my job? Even brief moments of common sense will get you demoted around here! No way would I buy your job-killing garbage!”

    Yes, we’re selling what we want (the Wonderful Product). We are not selling what our prospect wants (less common sense).

    What if we apply a bit more selling pressure or push the benefits of the Wonderful Product? Here’s what happens:

    MLM Salesperson: “Take this Wonderful Product. It will give you some common sense.”

    Lawyer: “That sounds like slander to me. But it wasn’t me who did it, it was my partner or somebody who looked like me. And your accusation is probably an illegal medical claim subject to FDA rules of gas chamber executions. I’ll see you in court! Your product costs too much. It’s dangerous. What if everyone got some common sense? I’d be unemployed! And besides that, I’m from the ethically-challenged minority. I should receive special treatment. Just ask any liberal highly-paid government official.”

    MLM Salesperson (adding another benefit, just like they teach in those selling classes): “Besides giving you some common sense, the Wonderful Product will also enhance your cardiovascular system.”

    Lawyer: “Fool! Lawyers don’t have or even need hearts. Hearts get in the way of our billing practices. Get an I.Q. and learn to sell what people want!”

    Lesson #1

    Our enthusiasm for our product has nothing to do with what our prospects want. We’re going about this all backwards.

    First, just like the cats, we must find out what the prospects want. What did the highly-paid government official and the lawyer really want?

    Stupid Enhancers!

    Yes, we could make a fortune by selling what these prospects wanted: Stupid Enhancers!

    All we had to do was take a little survey first.

    Sure that sounds great, but what if your MLM company doesn’t carry Stupid Enhancers?

    Then on to . . .

    Lesson #2 will be coming shortly and will answer what to do.

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