21 Oct 2012, 1:14pm
How To Speak How To Listen MLM Tip from 'Big Al' Successful Networking

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  • MLM Tip from ‘Big Al’: Lesson #3 on Death Wish Marketing or How Network Marketers Undo Themselves Time Afer Time

    My last posts were Lesson #2 and Lesson #1 from ‘Big Al’ on Death Wish Marketing or Believing Our Enthusiasm for Our Product Has Something to Do With What Our Prospects Want.

    Here now is the last of the lessons:

    Find out who does the buying. Even though your ultimate consumer wants a product, it is up to the person with the money to do the purchasing.


    Lesson #3

    Back to our cat.

    Our cat loved mouse guts, wanted mouse guts, and would be a great consumer of mouse guts. However, the cat didn’t do the shopping.

    If you listened to the cat survey, what would you have done?

    Introduce a new cat food called “Tasty Mouse Guts”, right?

    Now, imagine how that will look on the supermarket shelf. There’s “Tasty Liver Chunks”, “Filet of Tuna”, “Beef Wellington For Cats”, and “Tasty Mouse Guts.” Which one isn’t going to be purchased?

    “Tasty Mouse Guts.” It’s going to gather dust on the shelf because the people with the money won’t buy it. They hate how the product looks, how the product sounds, and everything else about the product. “Tasty Mouse Guts” just isn’t going to sell.

    What happened?

    We interviewed the wrong person.

    We have to market and sell to the people who do the buying.

    For instance, let’s say you interview some children, asking them, “What is your favorite food?”

    They answer, “Sugar-coated caffeine-enhanced candy bars with ice cream centers.”

    Do you open a manufacturing plant that makes sugar-coated caffeine-enhanced candy bars with ice cream centers?

    No. Because their parents won’t buy them. The parents want to buy boring foods for their children such as bread, vegetables, fruit, etc. The parents don’t want to buy foods that will turn their children into human pinballs.

    It’s the same situation when we look for a prospecting angle to attract new leaders into our MLM downlines.

    Imagine we interview a bunch of readers from Socialism Today. They tell us they want an MLM program that requires no investment, no work, no recruiting, no selling, and no anything.

    “Aha!” we think. Our survey has located what these prospects want.

    Unfortunately, these aren’t the people who want to become MLM leaders, and certainly aren’t the ones who will invest in their own training and marketing expenses. They just want something with no effort.

    Instead, we should have surveyed the readers of Capitalism Workaholics. They would tell us that they wanted a free enterprise situation where they would get paid for their efforts, and their results.

    Now we could run an ad that attract leaders with our new information. We have to market to the people who do the actual buying.

    What’s the bottom line?

    To market the right product, to the right people.

    It’s just common sense. Now, where is that Wonderful Product that increases common sense?


    Network Marketing is an ingenious business model that has created fortunes for countless numbers of people but the question must be asked: Why do so many struggle and even fail?

    The answer can be complicated and attributed to the company, the product and the comp plan. Yet none of these compel anyone to be associated with MLM. That leaves the individual with the responsibility for succeeding. And for discovering what must be learned and done.

    Skills are obviously necessary but even those, once acquired, are of no use unless put into practice.

    So why are they so often NOT?

    Here is my attempt to answer that question: http://Why98percentFail.com


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