MLM Tip From The Warrior Forum, Of All Places

I was tooling around on the Internet researching the question of how many people join MLM companies daily when Google gave me a link to the Warrior Forum.

The WF is really much more geared to Internet Marketing or IM rather than Multi-Level Marketing or MLM. But a young marketer had posted an interesting question looking for advice. His question was how could he get his opportunity in front of fifty people daily.

That was all the opening the naysayers needed to jump on MLM in general, tearing it and every MLMer from pillar to post. There were, however, a small handful of MLMers who certainly “got it” and shared some great advice. And below is a snippet of some regarding using an Internet mass market appeal to potential prospects and customers:

“Scrap this idea immediately. Exposing your business to mass numbers of people via the Internet is not how a successful mlm business is built.

“It’s built by connecting… REALLY CONNECTING… with people on a one to one basis who are, or will become, leaders who will duplicate a few simple actions and perform them on a consistent daily basis.

“There is no path to long term mlm success in marketing to the masses via the Internet.”

MLM is a very personal business done best face-to-face. For those who don’t like talking to people, marketing in mass seems to be a way to crack the nut. But it doesn’t work without eventually talking and listening to people.

You might generate your own leads with a give-away and a website and an opt-in page BUT EVENTUALLY YOU HAVE TO TALK  — AND LISTEN — TO THOSE WHO RESPONDED & EXPRESSED AN INTEREST IN YOUR OFFER. Or why bother? They will not simply enroll in large numbers without the MLMer taking a huge part in the business

Speaking commercially and Listening are the two most crucial skills for any MLMer in any MLM company.

All the other skills pale in comparison.

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