27 May 2012, 6:36am
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    This week I received a phone call from a member of my downline, a truly nice young man whose biggest stumbling block in building his business may be his shyness.

    He was happy to report that he had increased his prospecting activities, engaging more people in conversation by using the skills promoted by one of the masters, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter.

    Then my team member said something that was so out of character, the conversation had to make a detour.

    He said, “I’ve been asking people that question more and more but I haven’t crushed anyone with my business presentation yet.”

    “Wait a second there. Did you hear what you just said?”


    “You said you didn’t want to crush anyone with your opportunity. I know you’re proud to be a network marketer and that you’re equally proud of our company, so why do you think you would be crushing someone?”

    There was silence. And I knew in that silence there was an awakening occurring.

    “P., your word selection reveals how you think and feel about yourself, your business and what you believe you are doing to your prospect. You realize that, don’t you? Instead of crushing them, how about sharing with them? Can you appreciate not only the difference in the two words but more importantly how it reflects what you are thinking and feeling?”

    ”Oh my God, yes.”

    “Doesn’t this help explain your reluctance to talk with others? I mean, I know you don’t want to hurt anyone so if you believe you’d be crushing them then you wouldn’t be eager to engage them. But sharing at the appropriate time is so much more – more helpful, friendly, connecting, constructive and productive.”

    It is a common misbelief that we must be aggressive in our efforts to prospect and sponsor. I know because I went through it myself for years. And it stems from a misconception that in conducting business we must be rough and ready.

    We don’t. And if most of us certainly don’t want to hurt anyone but believe we may be crushing those we speak to, is it any wonder we shy away from interaction?

    Lesson: get the skills, listen well and believe you are benefitting those you are sharing with. Some will volunteer, some won’t, so what. No damage done.

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