27 Oct 2011, 11:30pm
MLM Tip from 'Big Al':

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  • MLM Tip: It’s A ‘Talking’ But Not Necessarily A ‘Selling’ Business

    I had the great pleasure of hosting one of the all-time giants of Network Marketing and generic training, Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, this past Monday here in New York City.


    ‘Big Al’, as he is affectionately known, tells those interested that to be successful in any NetMark business, the skill of being able to speak commercially is essential.

    After all, he says, companies pay millions to ad agencies to advertise on TV and radio to get our attention and get us to take action, all in 15, 30 or 60 seconds. And why can they do that?

    Because they know how to speak commercially to our subconscious minds.

    We must be able to do the same if we desire to succeed.

    Now what in the world do I mean but this article’s title?

    Just this:

    Of course we are selling stuff: No sales, no company profits, no commissions, no checks.

    But to too many people selling and closing means saying out-dated even dumb things like:

    • So what part of my presentation didn’t you understand?
    • Don’t you love your family?
    • Any three-year old can see this is a great opportunity – do you have any problem with it?
    • Are you a decision-maker or a loser?

    Don’t you want to just cringe, fold your arms or just run away?

    What would your efforts be like if you could really just TALK to people, effectively and to their subconscious minds?

    And in effect have them sell and close themselves?

    You can access these skills at no cost to you by registering for a webinar series that is fully sanctioned by ‘Big Al’ and that focuses on his 25 essential skills for Network Marketing success. (Go here to get the full list http://BigAlSkills.com)

    And register for the webinars here: http://www.MLMreadysetgo.info.

    Please use my name ~ Tony Lauria ~ as your inviter, and No, this isn’t an affiliate program.

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