9 Oct 2011, 10:31pm
Manifesting is Intention & Attention Successful Networking What It Takes To Win

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  • MLM Tip: ‘Playing’ at Network Marketing

    Kids playing Tag. A puppy and a lawn sprinkler. Children engaged in Hide & Seek.

    What do they have in common?

    “You can’t get me!”

    But they’re sure going to get as close as they possibly can . . . but not too close that they can’t escape from being tagged, getting wet or being found.

    So what’s this got to do with Network Marketing?


    You see, they want to be found but they’re hiding just as every kid wants to show how clever they are at staying out of sight and . . .

    They want to get wet but not soaked.

    They want to get close, real close, to what they’re looking for, but not get tagged with a bad deal. Not get scammed, cheated, lied to or swindled.

    And that has all happened to most of them. Yet they want to get close again.

    The dream is too strong, the reward too enticing. In fact, one of the master networkers Randy Gage goes so far as to say that once MLM gets in their blood the only thing that will replace it is formaldehyde!

    So they want to play at this the way an athlete looks forward to the next contest. But unlike professional athletes, most networkers who long to be professional winners are without the skills necessary to win.

    That’s all that’s missing. The will to play and the will to win are already in place.

    They just don’t know what to do and say and when to do them.

    That should be simple and easy to fix, shouldn’t it?

    And why can’t it just be given away?

    Play instead of Work?

    See what I mean: http://liveyourdream-ownyourlife.com/sorry-but-i-dont-believe-in-work

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