10 Oct 2011, 9:40pm
Successful Networking What It Takes To Win

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  • MLM Tip: Qualify Prospects as Tenants

    While prospecting for my network marketing company, I realized my best MLM recruiting idea was the same as screening for better tenants.

    Four and a half years ago I became a property owner for the first time.

    After my grandfather died, my father and uncle became co-owners of the 4-family house I grew up in. Fed up with commuting from the suburbs for over 20 years to keep his hand in the management of the property, my uncle sold his half to me.

    Best investment I ever made. But such a move is life altering.

    First I had to give up my place in Manhattan and then learn to deal with city bureaucracy, various repairmen and craftsmen and…


    I had never thought of it before but dealing with tenants is a lot like dealing with business clients – only more so. Tenants, in my case, are people I have to live with!

    What I found was that the process of finding tenants is a lot like prospecting for good people to join your MLM company in one major aspect – they are people who are occupying your downline and on whom you are depending, to a large extent, for your income.

    My first three adventures in networking were glorious, resounding but instructive failures. Par for the course I long since discovered. However, failure does not really exist. It is generally an event that can and should be viewed as feedback and, confidently, as a learning opportunity. I had many of these “failure/learning opportunities” – hard and expensive ones at that – as all enormously successful networkers have.

    The most glaring of these failure/learning exercises were ineffective techniques for attracting serious business partners. It just wasn’t there. All I got was the hackneyed, the ridiculous and the expensive strategies:

    o The ‘3 foot rule’
    o Every ‘NO’ gets you closer to your first ‘YES’ – 100 of them means you’re getting closer!
    o Enlist everyone who fogs a mirror and has a credit card!
    o Buy ‘pre-qualified’ MLM leads. And then some more. Then more yet.

    In my new life as a landlord I imagined using these same strategies to find reliable tenants . . .

    Except it put shivers up and down my spine.

    • Just as I wouldn’t rent a 2-bedroom to EVERYONE and ANYONE within three feet of my voice, why would I talk to just anyone about my business? Look for the motivated.

    • Just as I wouldn’t want to spend days showing a vacant apartment to all passers-by off the street, why would I want to get dozens and dozens of time-consuming ‘NO’s before I found a suitable fit and a ‘YES’? Look for the qualified.

    • Just as I’d want to check a possible tenant’s employment history, credit rating and personal references, wouldn’t I want to know if a prospect is dedicated, motivated, and coachable before recruiting and sponsoring one into my business? Look for the volunteers.

    If you are not looking at prospects for your business as desirable “tenants”, as potentially good neighbors residing in your downline, what strategies and techniques are you using to attract a pool of desirable candidates?

    Take my favorite MLM prospecting idea and use it: If you’re serious about building walk-away, residual, royalty income, your downline has to be made up of serious business partners – as good as the tenants you’d want living with you in the same building.

    Because they are.

    For more tips and an overview of just what Network Marketing truly is, grab your free report here.

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