3 Oct 2011, 5:20am
What It Takes To Win Why 98% Fail

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    I am posting a recent blog article from my mentors, Bob & Anna Bassett. If time management is a persistent problem, you’ll find this hits the bull’s eye. And may cut too close to the bone.


    Only You

    Thanks to Gary Ryan Blair, The Goals Guy, for this kick in the butt …

    I just got off the phone with the CEO of a company in Phoenix who is in need of refocusing, and who desperately needs to have a strong 4th quarter.His business is slow, competition fierce, and his margins are getting slimmer by the day. Quite frankly it’s a serious competitive problem that requires a serious, sustained, and immediate solution.

    He asked and paid me for advice as to what he can do to finish the year strong. While the medicine I provided was initially tough to swallow, the answer is the same for YOU and anyone you know who currently has their back against the wall and needs to turn things around quickly.

    The things you NEED to be doing in the 4th quarter are the EXACT same things you should have been doing all year long!


    The things you NEED to be doing in the 4th quarter are the EXACT same things you should have been doing all year long!

    The reason why my client, and for that matter why MILLIONS of people throughout the world are in desperate need of refocusing is actually very simple.

    Feel free to check all that apply …

    • You did not have a specific set of goals when the year began.
    • If you did, you were not 100% committed to achieving them.
    • You did not develop a detailed action plan to include deadlines and hold yourself to those deadlines.
    • You allowed yourself to lose focus on your key priorities.
    • You were undisciplined and inconsistent in your actions.
    • You wasted a lot of time, talent and resources on low payoff activities.
    • You did not enforce personal accountability and made excuses for your inaction.
    • You did not take massive action each and every day and as a result you are now dealing with an undesirable reality.

    It deeply concerns me when people think that they can really improve their 4th quarter performance by engaging in the same performance, the same habits, the same strategies, the same beliefs, and the same work ethic that got them in the lousy situation in the first place.

    It’s not too late to turn your year AND your life around … “

    Gary is right that it’s not too late to turn things around.  Forget about the date.  Think of today as January 1 and get started on what you know will bring you success.  

    In our network marketing checklist, we cover everything on Gary’s list, but …

    • We can ask you to write your goals, but only you can commit to them.
    • We can help you with your action plan, but only you can hold yourself to your deadlines.
    • We can help you plan your day, but only you can stick to the plan.
    • We can help you set priorities, but only you can keep your focus.
    • We can help you choose actions, but only you can choose discipline and consistency.
    • We can warn against low payoff activities, but only you can avoid wasting your time, talent and resources on them.
    • We can ask you to send in your daily accountability report, but only you can be accountable to yourself.
    • We can encourage you, but only you can stop making excuses to yourself for your inaction.

    For help in setting goals and understanding WHY you are doing this, start with this free MLM report.

    If your inaction is due to not knowing what to say and what to do, get some help from Tom ‘Big Al’s Schreiter’s list of 25 Essential Skills For Network Marketers.

    And seriously consider signing up for a new series of webinars featuring these skills, which began September 24th. The entire series is free and if you miss any sessions, they will be archived at the site.

    Just go to http://www.MLMreadysetgo.info and use my name Tony Lauria as the person who invited you.

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