5 Jan 2012, 1:55am
Why 98% Fail:

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    Last week on the FOX Business Station’s morning show Varney & Company, a peculiar business model was presented and then roundly criticized by most. It very vividly reminded me of the MLM model gone wrong and the human behavior common to both.

    One business analyst just “loves the model” that the online game called FARMVILLE is based on. Just go to Facebook and after enrolling you can pay real money to get the fullest experience of the game.

    Pay REAL money to buy VIRTUAL feed for your VIRTUAL cattle and VIRTUAL pigs that live in the VIRTUAL barn that you only VIRTUALLY have to upkeep. (Thank goodness for that task being virtual!)

    When challenged by the more level-headed and pragmatic host of the show Stuart Varney, the analyst responded, “What’s not to like? It’s a money maker! Don’t underestimate Americans’ need for escape – like when movies shot up in popularity.”

    Later in the show another commentator described and dismissed it as “selling distraction in a hard economy.”

    Distraction is one thing. Delusion another. Broken down to its barest bones here’s what I see going on:

    1. A vendor has made available the online illusion of owning a farm along with the necessary animals and chores that go along with such a real world enterprise.
    2. The owner pays REAL money for this virtual business and all it entails.
    3. The owner never has to get down and dirty with the beasties, or drive the necessary vehicles, etc. Just click away from the comfort of a keyboard.
    4. The costs are REAL, the rewards virtual, i.e., NOT REAL.
    5. Some make money, most lose money. (Hey, THAT’S not what MLM stand for!)

    Can’t begin to tell you how many people I have run across, asking for real help for a MLM business run very much as described above – virtual.

    Hard economy. Virtual business. Delusional satisfaction.

    Happy New Year.

    When the real world comes a’knocking on the door of your virtual reality and you need help, just ask. I and my team have real world solutions for any MLM – provided you don’t ask us to feed the pigs.


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