“See, all that money can’t save you.”

Carmine DeSalvo died this morning at 3am.
He was a friend of my father’s, my 89-year old father.

I remember Mr. DeSalvo vividly. He was brash but generous. He gave me one of those model airplane kits when I was about 10 years old and he was the owner of a small neighborhood deli shop – one of his many businesses on the way to becoming a fairly successful small business owner.

My father when he broke the news: “See, all that money can’t save you.”

Now behind that belief and sentiment is this:
some people believe money CAN save their life and since it obviously can’t – we all DO die, don’t we – then why should one ever pursue money?

The payoff, pardon my pun, of such a rationale is to get one’s self off the hook of making money, of being industrious, of being productive TO ONE’S FULLEST CAPACITY.

 It gives one a rationale and excuse for being poor and lazy at the very worst.

“Make just enough to get by because if you ever DO overreach, your hand will be slapped by the big phantom in the sky and you’ll be rewarded with death.”

Obviously, rationally, WE ARE ALL GOING TO MEET DEATH, regardless of how much money we create in life. There simply is no correlation, no real connection between how much money one makes and how long one has on the planet.

So why not make all you can while you ARE here?

Just don’t lie, cheat or steal anyone’s labor or ideas in the process of maximizing your earning potential.

Simply pursuing money should NEVER be the object.

Rather doing what gives you joy AND provides and contributes to others, where you CAN BE and while you ARE compensated to the greatest extent, should be.

“See, all that money can’t save you.” Who ever believed that it would?

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