9 Nov 2012, 12:55pm
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  • So, The Grasshopper’s “Entitled To Stuff” Party Won – For Now

    I was going to call this article The Better Marketing Won but that wasn’t emotional enough. And I do want this article to be read so I went with the more emotional title, keywords be damned. Besides that’s why they won: better marketing based on emotion.

    Yup, the Democrooks used emotions to rile and hook voters, emotions like revenge, envy, anger, fear and greed.

    But so did the Republicrooks use these emotions, only they had a larger dash of reason leavening the bread before it was popped into the oven. Too bad because reason doesn’t make this recipe.

    So, lesson learned – in marketing, emotions always trump reason.

    Or as the maxim goes, People buy on emotion and benefits not reason and features.

    Only, as most of us in marketing and sales know, once the item is taken home, unwrapped and taken out of the box, the buyer’s emotion subsides and reason comes acreepin’ in. And then comes the dawn.

     And the next dilemma.

    “Sorry, all sales are final.” Can’t return this purchase.

    What to do? Simple – Keep those emotions engaged. Only now it’s got to be smugness, arrogance, and a bit more greed to be satiated.

    Yup, the Grasshopper’s marketing team got the vote out alright with bigger and better promises and vilification of the other side.

    Marketing lesson learned: Promise them anything – and then some more.

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