30 Jun 2011, 4:52am
Why 98% Fail


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  • Sour Gripes – A 2-Minute Story

    A Fox, who was so hungry he would have eaten an old shoe if he could have found one, saw some perfect, sweet, ripe black grapes hanging up on a trellis too high for him to reach.

    He jumped at them and snapped, jumped and snapped until he was so worn out he couldn’t move a paw and he still couldn’t get them.

    “Pooh for those sour green old grapes,” he said, “anyone can have those. I wouldn’t eat them if someone handed them to me on a platter.”

    The Point: Obviously the fox didn’t want the grapes because he couldn’t get them. You don’t fool anyone by making fun of things you just aren’t able to get for yourself.

    Now consider this:

    The U.S. economy is in a shambles and there are people out there hungry, so hungry that if they were shown a respectable, easy-to-perform business activity within their reach, would they take it?

    They might just jump and snap at it. But once they realized that it wasn’t a welfare check, or food stamps, or that American Idol (Idle?) or Dancing With The Stars or the ballgame was on TV, . . .

    “Pooh for the chance to determine my own future. I’ll depend on the government to bail me out. Anyone can have that business. I wouldn’t do it if my life were handed to me on a platter. Besides it’s probably one of those pyramid scams. I don’t really want to work anyway.”

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    i am really enjoying… network marketing. it’s taking on a whole new life of its on

    13 Jul 2011, 4:59am
    by Tony Lauria


    Hi Lisa, Thanks for the comment and the visit. Tell me more about how your networking is taking on its own life.

    Ouch! We enjoyed this story a lot more when it was just about animals! Now we have to think about our attitudes. Thanks for ruining a perfectly good fable, Tony!


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