The Aphorism Salon – Create Your Happiness


This one’s short and sweet. And needs little explanation. some-pursue-happiness

As Abraham Lincoln so famously said, “Happiness is a decision.”

Have you ever tried to grab a fistful of water? It’s a bit like chasing Happiness. Or Money. The hotter the pursuit, the better the eluding done by the pursued.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Better hunters know that instead of expending energy chasing, it’s a better strategy to stay put and create a lure to attract the desired object. And this is where your Intention and Attention come in.

Create your Happiness by determining and isolating in your Heart your Passion – an “inside job” if there ever was one. Then put your Attention on it by feeding it Action “out there” in the Field of Play. Not Activity but Action – laser-like, focused and determined Action with the desired Outcome already in Mind.

That’s getting your Heart’s Passionate Intent and your Mind’s Quiet Attention working in a reciprocating loop creating your Joy and Happiness.

How do you feel about that? Happy, Appreciative, Skeptical? 

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Inner Heart, Outer Mind

A “set definite objective” must be established if you are to accomplish anything in a big way. So says the classic of self-development, THE MESSAGE OF A MASTER. In my last post I wrote about Ilgar’s insights* regarding this: the role and workings of the human heart and the fickle nature of the human mind.

Why a “set definite objective”? According to THE MESSAGE there are reasons.

The First: The Inner Mind is the “positive pole” of a human being; the Outer Mind is the “negative”. A (+) and a (-) are needed to complete a circuit or a circle anywhere in nature or there would be NO motion, NO activity, thus NO experience. Welcome to this side of the speed of light and the Universe of Duality!

In everything that is obedient to the Law, the “Positive dominates & governs and the Negative serves. But humanity reverses this. It permits The Outer Mind to direct and govern without instruction” and so reports ‘bad news’: strife, war, obstacles, competition, “impossibilities”.

Why does it do so? Because of the absence of direction. The Outer Mind is left to wander aimlessly without PURPOSE, accepting everything and without the ability to differentiate.

The Second: “People who have no “set definite objective” are tuning in to everything and getting nothing. They are at the mercy of millions of conflicting thoughts and their lives are full of distress.” On the other hand, “People who have a “set definite objective” deliberately tune in to ONE THING. If it is money, they get it. A position, they get it. Nothing that such people tune in to can be withheld.”

The Third: “When you set your Inner Mind on anything, you transfer a portion of your Life Force to that thing or it could never be drawn to you.” The intensity of your desire/INTENTION governs the power with which the force is directed. This is part of the so-called price that must be paid.

(This is the INTENTION part of my equation INTENTION + ATTENTION = ATTRACTION.)

Continue to nourish the one Thing by holding it in your Inner Mind -> PAY INTENTION – and by taking focused, directed Action -> PAY ATTENTION your desire will manifest.

So if you are desiring or PAYING INTENTION to several objectives, entertaining more than one dream at a time, setting more than one goal, having more than one “set definite objective”, your force becomes divided and each of the several desires/dreams/goals/intentions receives an insufficient, weak stimulus. Not enough to ATTRACT any of them. Manifestation will be delayed if not altogether thwarted.

But all this can be reversed.

*Before we address that, please note that what THE MESSAGE calls the Inner Mind, Ilgar called the Heart, and the Outer Mind he simply called the Mind or Brain. You might want to read these posts again to help make this clearer: Set Your Heart & Your Mind Will Follow and Attraction = Intention + Attention.

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The Aphorism Salon – Pay Attention

The trouble with most people is they don’t listen – TO THEMSELVES!  They know Get-Rich-Quick schemes are exactly that, yet they continue to join and support them. It’s the “Something for Nothing” mentality.

Same thing goes for the Law of Attraction. The general expectation, after watching the movie THE SECRET, was to <POP> a thought in one’s head and voila! One’s Heart’s Desire would be manifest.  Our Physical Universe just doesn’t work like that. While it’s true that your outertv5world will shape itself to the inner world created by your thoughts, some deliberate action is required. And that’s what I’d like to address.  Especially the idea of paying attention.

You see, there really is “Nothing for Nothing” or, “Everything has its Price”. And sometimes we pay for something in a  currency other than money. We can pay in how and to what we bend our minds.

The Latin verb attendere is the root of our word attention, and it means “to turn or bend one’s mind towards“. Giving or paying attention is the clear, decisive act by the mind of taking possession of someone or something chosen out of several possibilities. ‘Paying attention’ conversely suggests ignoring some possibilities in order to deal effectively with the chosen object of your attention. It also suggests conscious control.

To purposefully attract into your life what you desire, you’d best get a handle on your attention. So I’ll ask you this: How much TV do you watch? What movies? Oh, just the news. I see, just enough to shake your confidence and put a little bit of fear into you. A dose of reality, huh?

The photo above shows John’s whiteboard in his salon. I’ve written about it before. This week’s aphorism hit me, as usual, right in the solar plexus. Interpretation:  Life isn’t what you see on TV or hear on the radio or read in a newspaper, magazine or novel. Life is what you pay attention to, and consequently, attract.

If you’re not attracting what you desire, pay attention to what you’re paying attention to.

Among the things that don’t deserve your attention are: TV & radio, especially the news; newspapers; advertisements & billboards; shopping malls; people you have no interest in; excessive noise; driving; spam Email and junk mail; Self-criticism; and people telling you your dream of owning your life is not real.

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Creating Your Purpose – Crafting Your WHY

In my last post I used something Joseph Campbell said to make the point that we create our lives – or not. If we do not inform and infuse meaning and purpose into our lives, they have none. Life is meaningless unless we do something about it.

Since nothing could be more undesirable than living a meaningless life, here’s how to take care of that. Here is a point-by-point plan to craft your life’s WHY, something that MUST be about YOU. Let me remind You that this is NOT Selfish in the way most people take that to mean.

I have borrowed the outline from one of my team’s mentors, Sarah Thompson, and have then made it my own. Take the time to Use it. It works. And thank you Sarah.

  1. Accept & Believe that You have Powers beyond your Imagination.
  2. Expand your Imagination to catch up to those Latent Powers to become anything You desire Becoming.
  3. Create a Plan. Work at it. Adjust it as required. (It is a living, breathing entity.)
  4. You have already – no matter what your age is now – been many people: a child, a youngster, a brother or sister, a son or daughter, a boy or girl friend, a student, a parent, a serviceman or servicewoman, a grandparent. Understand ALL these experiences helped you attained a slightly different outward personality, each time leading to a new You.
  5. Using these experiences, accept that You are capable of Changing and have done so, but mostly Unconsciously and as situations demanded.
  6. KNOW it’s your turn to Consciously Change, on Your Demand.
  7. Take the time to reflect, putting No Time Limit or Pressure on Yourself.
  8. Know Yourself- Know Your Story. What has happened to You & Your life? Has your life turned out the way you thought it would?
  9. WHAT happened to Your Dreams? What filters are working against You? What conditioning beliefs are not serving You? How do You interpret You, Your Life and Your Beliefs? Where did You get those Beliefs?
  10. Where do You want to be in 5 years . . . in 2 years . . . next year . . . in 6 months . . . next month . . . in 2 weeks?
  11. What do You desire in your relationships with your spouse, children, parents, neighbors, colleagues?
  12. How do you recreate yourself? What thrills You & gives You goosebumps? What fulfills You & makes You happy?
  13. What are You grateful for and do You regularly express Gratitude?
  14. Decide on a Goal in each of these areas: Personal Values, Relationships, Personal Freedom.
  15. Craft your Self-Talk that is Synchronized with Your newly designed  and crafted ‘WHY’.

If you prefer to work with a mentor, please contact me at the email address above.

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  • Where Are Your Dreams?

    I woke up a few mornings ago with that phrase running, singing through my mind. Groggily I grabbed a voice recorder and captured this:

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams?

    Are you feeding them? If not, they’ll avoid you. They’ll go some place where they are fed.

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? 

    Are you taking care of them? Are you serving your dreams? If not, they’ll go to someone who will treat them better.

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams?

    Dreams are living things. They need sustenance. They need care. They need attention and love. If you don’t give them sustenance, care, attention and love, they’ll find someone who will.

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams?

    Your dreams are sensitive things. They know when they’re being slighted. They know when you’re paying them lip service.

    They’ll never come. They’ll never come true if you don’t give them what they need.

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams?  Where are your dreams?

    Are your dreams in prison? Have you locked them up? Have you put them away saying, “One day, one day they’ll come true”? Your dreams will fly away if they don’t FEEL they’ll come true.

    Don’t lock up you dreams.

    Don’t ignore your dreams expecting that they’ll always be there.

    Don’t take your dreams for granted.

    FEED them. SUSTAIN them. EXERCISE them. Give your dreams what they need & they’ll grow & come true.

    Then you’ll know where your dream is ’cause it will always come back to you, it’ll never go far. It’ll stay where it’s being taken care of.

    Where is your dream? Where is your dream? Where is your dream?

    Your dream is like an egg. If there’s a crack in it when placed in hot water, it’ll explode & your egg, your dream, will leak out. The container will be breached and it will not be true.

    Where are you holding your dream? In a waterproof, crackproof container that can withstand the boiling hot waters of negativity and naysayers and doubters?

    Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams? Where are your dreams?

    Have you accessed them yet? Are they where you can play with them, live with them, work with them?

    Are they accessible to you? Or do you put them away in a safeplace for safekeeping for a safer time?

    Where are your dreams?

    There’s only one thing your dreams need to stay alive . . .

    FEED  them ACTIONS. Your Actions. Your Dedicated Passionate Actions.

    Action & Attention. That’s all your dreams need. And they’ll come . . . 

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    Attraction = Intention + Attention

    I get asked frequently why I use the word INTENTION and ATTENTION when most people who speak of this subject usually just use the word ATTRACTION.

    There is a very good reason.

    The Law of Attraction (LOA) is an inviolable law of the universe: Whatever thought or image a person keeps and nourishes with emotion will manifest.

    Now most who hear this believe that if they really, really, really want something it will >POP< appear by magic. Sorry. To be kind, this is naive. A bit more is required.

    We live in a world of duality. Up & Down. Right & Left. On & Off. Polar opposites.

    There is NEVER one without the other. We can’t ever have a Right without a Left because in truth, polarities are points on a Continuum.

    One of the more dynamic of these polarities is Inside & Outside. Where does your Inside stop? At the tip of your nose? And your Outside? Somewhere in Infinity? If so, where?

    You desire something and you set your Heart on it. You dwell on it. Dream about it. Imagine how you’ll FEEL when it manifests.  Good.  Your Intent is in place. Your internal settings are good to go. But is that all? Is something else needed?

    What are you ATTENDING to? What is your ATTENTION on? To what is your Mind bending? Where and on what will your actions be directed and focused?

    You see the “opposite pole” of Intention is Attention. Just having the right stuff going on internally is only a start. You have to take action and you must consider a direction or target for your action. To what and where in the world Outside of You are you bending your Mind and directing your Intentional force? Wherever that is, is where your Attention lies. Or should lie if you want fulfillment of  your desire.

    If your Heart’s Intention and your Mind’s Attention are unbroken, in unison and focused on the same external outcome, you will ATTRACT your Desire.  The energy continuum will be complete and manifestation imminent.

    If not, there’s work to be done getting these poles in synch.

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    What’s Your Dream?

    Why is a dream so important?

    Here’s why: Your dream is your homing device, your beacon. It is the lighthouse that you are traveling toward.

    So, what’s your dream? What’s your ‘Why’?

    Why, why, why do you desire to be in the extremely rewarding but the not-easy-to-do networking industry? Your ‘Why’ had better be selfish or it’s useless to you. Totally useless.

    What’s your dream, your intention and your ‘Why’? What’s going to keep you going through those lonely moments when you feel the big chill of rejection? Again and again.

    What’s your dream? What’s your personal development program like?

    If you can’t see how this is connected to networking, well, I was in exactly the same boat until my mentors started holding my beacon in front of me, for me to travel toward – and it turned out to be ME.

    I was the goal. A fuller, more complete, more confident, more generous and more loving ME.

    You must love yourself as you love your neighbor to have any success in networking.

    To achieve the abundance and prosperity that is rightfully yours, you must understand and live the correct virtue of selfishness and personal growth. Because no matter how generous you may want to be in the future with your hard-won free time and money, your intention for being in this game has got to be about YOU first. Just like that video you watch before the plane takes off – put on YOUR oxygen mask FIRST before tending to OTHERS.

    Cultivate who you are, because “who you are” is what you will project. There is no hiding this. And “who you are” is what will motivate people to go into business with you. People will join YOU not the company.

    Cultivate “who you are”. THAT is what owning your life is all about.

    My first lesson in discovering my ‘Why’ was found in Success in 10 Steps.

    Help yourself to it. It’ll cost you nothing – you could end up owning your life.

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