Everybody Eats!

Let’s say you’ve got a loaf of bread and you have to feed everybody.

It doesn’t look like you’ve got enough so you’re up against two options.

Do you keep slicing that loaf into thinner and thinner pieces
do you bake more loaves?

Create more wealth.
And discover Why 98% Fail at doing this.

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“MLM? Isn’t that one of those Pyramids?”

Have you heard something like that when finally you were able to approach someone about your business opportunity? Have your downline members heard the same?

 What if you were to say something like this in response to your downline complaining about it:

 “Oh, that happens to all of us at one time or another. But let me suggest this if I may.

 “Have you ever asked yourself if what you said caused that question and objection to be raised?

 “And what would happen if you knew what to say to prospects? And instead of hearing something like that, you heard, “Really? Tell me more” as they leaned forward.

 “You would be in a world of joy instead of a house of pain, wouldn’t you?”

 When we stop to think about it, it all comes down to knowing what to say or, in the words of Big Al, being able to speak commercially. Big Al is fond of saying that in 30 seconds on TV or the radio, advertisers and marketers are able to speak directly to our subconscious minds where all the decisions are being made.

 Do you know how to do that?

 Can you speak commercially and to your prospect’s subconscious mind in order to get a decision, in order to keep your business and life moving forward regardless of that decision?

 You can get a taste of what it means to speak commercially, as well as the skills themselves, on a free webinar series that’s offered each Saturday at 1pm ET. It costs nothing to attend and you can register here


PS: If you’re curious about what MLM is all about or realize that you’ve been doing it all your life, every day, but just haven’t collected the checks for it, read more about it in Big Al’s classic Are You Walking Past a Fortune?

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9 Reasons Why MLM STILL Appeals To Millions

In a blog article I recently read the author, J.P. Hicks, was consoling those who are experiencing the humiliation of being unemployed and the frustration of looking for a job in the current dismal economic environment.

He related a story of his cousin who has a $180K college education, is working part-time in a department store and has sent out over a two year span 38,000 resumes, all to no avail.

Insightfully, he stated that society has “trained us to believe we are worthless without a job” and that “no one ever tells us to stop looking for a job and get busy building something”.

Not true.

Over my years in Network Marketing I have heard exactly that advice repeatedly. Hicks lists 10 reasons why ‘JOB’ should be a curse in our collective vocabulary and that we should shun all attempts at seeking one. Out of the ten reasons, nine could precisely describe the motivation for the millions who join the NM industry. Mind you, the author was not endorsing Network Marketing.

Here are those nine reasons that very accurately define why MLM still appeals to millions and most likely will for a great long time:
1. Working a job makes others wealthy, but not YOU. Self-explanatory.

2 Jobs are designed to make you poorer. Because wages do not keep pace with rising costs. In MLM you are paid according to what your efforts produce.

3. Jobs force you to get up at the same time every day: One of the goals of many Network Marketers is simply to sleep until they are finished and then get up.

4. Most jobs require you to wear a costume of some kind  Wish I knew how many MLMers brag about going to the “office” in their pajamas!

5. Bosses wield the all  power. This one hit home for me because I have never met a boss I ever liked!

6. Jobs tax your income at the highest rate. If you’ve never heard about the tax breaks for owning your own business, talk to your accountant. And if you don’t have one, find one because you’ll need one and will be able to afford one once the ball gets rolling.

7. Jobs steal your passion from you and deny you of  what you really want to do with your life. Another one of the greatest motivations for a vast majority of MLMers.

8 You’ll never be in control of your life working for someone else: If someone has the power to end your way of life, then you will never be free. Who can’t get jacked up and enthused about owning their own life?

9. Most jobs hold back your potential as a human being: Ah, this one explains all that personal development that is so intimately connected to Network Marketing. What other business or industry allows you to get to the heart of the matter for yourself and touch and mentor others to grab hold of their own life course?

Many thanks to:

J.P. Hicks is an entrepreneur and pro blogger, editor of Blog Tips, and author of the Secrets to Making Money with a Free Blog. Follow @ Twitter, or like on Facebook.

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Why Looking For Good Prospects Is Useless

– UNLESS you Know What To Say

From Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s most recent newsletter:

If you have talked to all of your friends, and they tell you “No,” … and if you have talked to all of your relatives, and they told you they were not interested … finding new prospects to ruin isn’t the answer.

You don’t need new people to ruin.

You need to change what you say.

If your best prospects (family and friends) hated what you said, then strangers won’t like what you say any better.

* Buying 1,000 names of new prospects to ruin isn’t the answer.

* Joining 20 networking clubs isn’t the answer.

* Running ads isn’t the answer.

* Working harder isn’t the answer.

The answer is you have to learn what to say.

~~ Here are a few things you can do:

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How to Fix YOUR Economy

Let’s be honest for a moment.

Your economy begins in YOUR home, regardless of what they are doing in Washington. Regardless of the outcome of the election this November.

I mean historically, does the government instill confidence in you to fix the economy? Or to fix ANYTHING?

Let the Dimwits and the Repulsives squabble over THE economy. We, you and I, should be concerned with OUR OWN economies respectively. Because we know what we can do.

The simplest and least costly way to get a handle on this is to get paid for something you are already doing. In fact, it is something you’ve been doing since you were 5 or 6 years old.

What’s that?


Referring people to products or services that you use and enjoy and feel good about.

As I said you did it when you loved a new breakfast cereal and a new TV serial. You do it when you find a great restaurant and when you come across a magical, awesome, fabulous book or movie.

You just never got paid for doing it before.

Want to change that?

Check out this brief video.

Have a question? Email me. tony@ajlauria.com

You can also get a copy of a blueprint that lays out what this is all about, what to look for and what to avoid. There’s no cost for the download.

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How To Thumb Your Nose At The Tax Man

The ‘Thought of the Day’ from one of my inbox newsletters was this:

“People try to live within their income so they can afford to pay taxes to a government that can’t live within its income.” ~ Robert Half

SMACK! Right between the eyes!

But having to feed that dependent child, aka the Government, doesn’t upset me as much as it used to. Why? Because I have a simple way of generating some extra money.

So now that you have to keep feeding that OTHER dependent child, aka the Government, you might consider another means of income so you don’t have to sacrifice your quality of life.

A second means of income that doesn’t radically alter your lifestyle. One that doesn’t ask you to learn drastically new skills but rather uses the ones you already have. One that doesn’t require new modes of behavior, just expands on what you’re comfortable doing right now.

And the answer is Network Marketing, aka the Recommending Business.

You see, when you like a new restaurant or movie or healthcare product, don’t you unhesitatingly and enthusiastically want to tell those you know about them? Well, that’s what Network Marketing is – A recommending business. Only when you’re doing it with a business relationship YOU’RE GETTING A EXTRA PAYCHECK!

If the idea tickles you even the slightest bit, you may want to take a look at this 7-minute video that explains the power of this model.


And if you have a question or two, send me an email at tony@ajlauria.com.

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MLM Tip: Just What is Network Marketing?

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter fills us in:

When people first hear the words “network marketing” or “MLM” – the first question in their minds is, “What do you mean?”

Network marketing is simply:

“Recommending and promoting what you like.”

That’s it.

Everyone already does network marketing.

We all recommend and promote things to our friends and acquaintances. This is part of the human experience. We naturally want to share our favorite resources, products, music and ideas.

Here is a quick example.

You see an ad in the paper for a new restaurant opening. You go, have a great meal, and then you tell your friends how wonderful the food was.

That was network marketing.

Now, the restaurant owner appreciated all of your word-of-mouth advertising. He would like to reward you, but he has already spent his entire marketing budget on advertising. So, when you return to his restaurant, he gives you a bottle of wine with your next meal as a “thank you” for bringing more customers to his restaurant.

Yes, we recommend movies, books, baby sitters, dentists, cars and more. We all do network marketing every day, however … some people actually get paid for it.

Want to get paid for what you are already doing?

Consider this. Many companies believe that the word-of-mouth recommendation and promotion of their products and services is more effective than money spent on advertising. Here is what they do.

They stop their traditional advertising and marketing.

These companies then use these unspent advertising and marketing monies to reward people who recommend and promote their products and services.

So if you like the products and services of one of these companies, don’t change what you are doing. Simply continue recommending and promoting, and let these companies send you cash every month.

There are two types of people in the world:

  • Those that recommend and promote the things they like, and
  • Those that get paid for it.


Want to be more professional?

Need help determining what a good opportunity is and what, EXACTLY, you’ll have to do to get paid?

Get a copy of this free report.

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30 Aug 2011, 8:55pm
What It Takes To Win:


  • Grow Your Own Food4Wealth

  • Marketing Disclosure

  • MLM Ignorance Is Not Bliss, It’s Suicide

    The poet Thomas Gray wrote in an Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College (1742): “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.”

    It is obvious that Mr. Gray was not in an MLM company. Not knowing what you, as a network marketer, have to do or what your company requires you to do is sheer folly. Nothing to be desired at all Mr. Gray.

    Nothing is more disheartening than to hear the horror stories of people earnestly working hard at building their businesses only to have them and their paychecks yanked out from under them.

    And all done ‘legally’ according to the company’s Policy & Procedure or P&P.

    I frequently hold training presentations where I speak about the Five Pillars essential to any successful and thriving Network Marketing business. What follows is a typical exchange with a participant:

    “Oh well my company’s OK. It fits the 5 pillars pretty well.”

    Me: “Great. So you’ve read your P&P.”

    “Well, no I haven’t.”

    Me: “Excuse me then, but how do you know it has the 5 pillars essential to your success?”

    “Well the people are just great.”

    Me: “And I’m sure they are. But it’s not the people who own the company or who made the rules. Or who will pay you. Or not.”


    Me: “I know why you don’t want to look. I’ve been there. It’s because if there is something you don’t like, you’ll have to admit it, you know ‘let in’ the idea, that you have been taken, that you have made a mistake. That you’re not as smart and pretty or handsome and business savvy as you think you are. So you’d rather look away. IGNORE what might be holding you back, IGNORE what’s keeping you from all that freedom, from all that money and time freedom you’re dreaming of and they promised you.

    “Essentially you’d rather NOT know than know, isn’t that it? You’d rather ignore the 800 lb. gorilla even as it is sitting on your chest and picking your pocket as it’s eating your lunch.”

    Belief is a double-edged sword, cutting both ways. Belief, as has been shown by science, is a necessary component of human survival. However, when the object of belief is injurious to life, health and wealth, belief can be suicidal.

    What makes looking at their company’s P&P so painful for most people is the threat to their self image, to the idea that have leapt into a chasm without the slightest thought of looking first.

    I know because I did exactly that not once, BUT THREE TIMES. And my friends tell me I’m bright, and intelligent!

    I don’t say that for any other reason than to let you know


    The major stumbling block, the #1 obstacle to people gaining the success they dream of is IGNORANCE.

    Ignorance of what the company expects of you; Ignorance of the ownership’s background and business history; Ignorance of what you must do to gain a check and how large your organization has to be for you to be able to retire at age 65 or 25 – if the company will ever let you do it at all; Ignorance of how to generate your own leads; Ignorance of how to train a downline; Ignorance of just what to do next.

    And the only way to dispel Ignorance is to LOOK and then LEARN, acquire the skills necessary for this particular profession you have chosen.

    You can begin with this free report to dispel the Ignorance that is holding you down, back and away from living your dream and owning your life.  

    PS: See why most network marketers don’t think the ‘bad stuff’ will ever apply to them. (It has to do with staying small and out of sight.)


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    “See, all that money can’t save you.”

    Carmine DeSalvo died this morning at 3am.
    He was a friend of my father’s, my 89-year old father.

    I remember Mr. DeSalvo vividly. He was brash but generous. He gave me one of those model airplane kits when I was about 10 years old and he was the owner of a small neighborhood deli shop – one of his many businesses on the way to becoming a fairly successful small business owner.

    My father when he broke the news: “See, all that money can’t save you.”

    Now behind that belief and sentiment is this:
    some people believe money CAN save their life and since it obviously can’t – we all DO die, don’t we – then why should one ever pursue money?

    The payoff, pardon my pun, of such a rationale is to get one’s self off the hook of making money, of being industrious, of being productive TO ONE’S FULLEST CAPACITY.

     It gives one a rationale and excuse for being poor and lazy at the very worst.

    “Make just enough to get by because if you ever DO overreach, your hand will be slapped by the big phantom in the sky and you’ll be rewarded with death.”

    Obviously, rationally, WE ARE ALL GOING TO MEET DEATH, regardless of how much money we create in life. There simply is no correlation, no real connection between how much money one makes and how long one has on the planet.

    So why not make all you can while you ARE here?

    Just don’t lie, cheat or steal anyone’s labor or ideas in the process of maximizing your earning potential.

    Simply pursuing money should NEVER be the object.

    Rather doing what gives you joy AND provides and contributes to others, where you CAN BE and while you ARE compensated to the greatest extent, should be.

    “See, all that money can’t save you.” Who ever believed that it would?

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    30 Mar 2010, 5:33am
    What It Takes To Win:

    1 comment

  • Grow Your Own Food4Wealth

  • Marketing Disclosure

  • MLM and Personal Development

    There are two things about Personal Development that need to be pointed out. No matter how obvious they may be.

    One is that there are a handful of principles that one keeps running into in the field, such as Thoughts are Things, BE-DO-HAVE (in that order), Listen with Your Heart, Speak to Their Listening, etc. And while you may think and feel you’ve “got it” now, you will revisit these principles again and again and again. Count on it. Or you’re not doing it right!

    The second is that Personal Development has to be Personal, that is, it has to address a particular PERSONAL problem or situation or there will be NO development – because nothing specific will have been addressed otherwise. Nothing will have been created as a clearing on which something can be Developed.

    Think about it with a clear heart. You’ll see this is true.

    Does that threaten you? How does it make you feel?

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    My new eBook Culture, Politics, Entertainment & Irresponsibility in Network Marketing is not just about Network Marketing - it is about Success & Failure and the distractions that take us off track. It also explores how we just might be co-operating with those who want our attention at any cost - even our success. You can check out my new eBook by clicking on the image and getting it to your eReader in minutes.
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