The Power of Intention

I’ve written before about the Power of Intention when coupled with the Power of Attention. Together they are what constitutes the Law of Attraction.

Did you ever feel like you had to go to some family affair but your heart was just not in it? You were convinced from the start that it would be a huge drag and waste of your time. But you went. And guess what? It was!

Have you ever looked forward to one of these get-togethers anticipating seeing cousins or a favorite aunt or uncle that you hadn’t seen in a long time and so expected to  have a great time? And you did!

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” So said Henry Ford. And he was talking about the Power of Intention.

Sticking with our example of looking forward to seeing your long missed relative and expecting you will enjoy the visit, where do you think your Attention will be once you arrive?  Probably seeking them out, don’t you think?

Put it in your mind you’ll have a great or terrible time, and you’re programming yourself to do just that. This is what the Power of Intention is all about.

With the Intention of enjoying seeing them and the attentive action of going to the affair, you’ve guaranteed your good time.

Do you think this might work on a larger scale, daily, in your life and work and other relationships? You might not have real-ized this yet, but the outcome you expect and intend to have is very often the one you get.

How do you feel about that?

Have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving holiday, intent on appreciating all your blessings. And you will!

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The Aphorism Salon – The Bitterest Tears



So as the ad says, JUST DO IT.

It IS later than you think.

How do you feel about that?

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7 Oct 2009, 11:28pm

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  • Marketing Disclosure

  • A Self-Made Admission

    “We are all self-made.
    But only the successful will admit it.” 

                                                                                 – Earl Nightingale

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    Inner Heart, Outer Mind

    A “set definite objective” must be established if you are to accomplish anything in a big way. So says the classic of self-development, THE MESSAGE OF A MASTER. In my last post I wrote about Ilgar’s insights* regarding this: the role and workings of the human heart and the fickle nature of the human mind.

    Why a “set definite objective”? According to THE MESSAGE there are reasons.

    The First: The Inner Mind is the “positive pole” of a human being; the Outer Mind is the “negative”. A (+) and a (-) are needed to complete a circuit or a circle anywhere in nature or there would be NO motion, NO activity, thus NO experience. Welcome to this side of the speed of light and the Universe of Duality!

    In everything that is obedient to the Law, the “Positive dominates & governs and the Negative serves. But humanity reverses this. It permits The Outer Mind to direct and govern without instruction” and so reports ‘bad news’: strife, war, obstacles, competition, “impossibilities”.

    Why does it do so? Because of the absence of direction. The Outer Mind is left to wander aimlessly without PURPOSE, accepting everything and without the ability to differentiate.

    The Second: “People who have no “set definite objective” are tuning in to everything and getting nothing. They are at the mercy of millions of conflicting thoughts and their lives are full of distress.” On the other hand, “People who have a “set definite objective” deliberately tune in to ONE THING. If it is money, they get it. A position, they get it. Nothing that such people tune in to can be withheld.”

    The Third: “When you set your Inner Mind on anything, you transfer a portion of your Life Force to that thing or it could never be drawn to you.” The intensity of your desire/INTENTION governs the power with which the force is directed. This is part of the so-called price that must be paid.

    (This is the INTENTION part of my equation INTENTION + ATTENTION = ATTRACTION.)

    Continue to nourish the one Thing by holding it in your Inner Mind -> PAY INTENTION – and by taking focused, directed Action -> PAY ATTENTION your desire will manifest.

    So if you are desiring or PAYING INTENTION to several objectives, entertaining more than one dream at a time, setting more than one goal, having more than one “set definite objective”, your force becomes divided and each of the several desires/dreams/goals/intentions receives an insufficient, weak stimulus. Not enough to ATTRACT any of them. Manifestation will be delayed if not altogether thwarted.

    But all this can be reversed.

    *Before we address that, please note that what THE MESSAGE calls the Inner Mind, Ilgar called the Heart, and the Outer Mind he simply called the Mind or Brain. You might want to read these posts again to help make this clearer: Set Your Heart & Your Mind Will Follow and Attraction = Intention + Attention.

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    Set Your Heart & Your Mind Will Follow

    I used to be a teacher and consultant. Refined it to the point where my only clients were foreign-born entrepreneurs who hungered for better communication skills in English.

    One client, a Turk named Ilgar, became a personal friend. And taught me more about networking than I had ever learned until I met my current mentor who echoed what Ilgar shared with me one day.

    Most don’t know much about Turks, so I’ll tell you this: they are passionate. Originally from Mongolia, their ancestors centuries ago were drawn westward across the steppes of Asia. Their culture is a unique combination of Western achievement and Eastern philosophy.

    Allow me to illustrate:

    “Ilgar, what’s up with you Turks? Why are you so crazy passionate?”

    Laughing and then turning serious, Ilgar told me, “Let me explain how we Turks think and feel. We are very emotional people. Everything starts with Heart and then goes to Brain. Heart is the hard part to figure out. Brain is easy. But we don’t trust it because Brain can be trained . . . and tricked. But Heart, Heart is a personal problem”, as he lightly tapped the center of his chest.

    “When Heart is set, Brain can work very easily. It can go on because it sees things in black and white, which way to go. So Heart is the personal problem and challenge. And answer.”

    I’ve heard many, many times the expression a “passionate mind” and realize now that this was the rabbit hole I fell down when I tried and failed in my first three multi-level marketing companies. I was confusing the activities of my heart and my mind. I was feeling with my mind and thinking with my heart.

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    Attraction = Intention + Attention

    I get asked frequently why I use the word INTENTION and ATTENTION when most people who speak of this subject usually just use the word ATTRACTION.

    There is a very good reason.

    The Law of Attraction (LOA) is an inviolable law of the universe: Whatever thought or image a person keeps and nourishes with emotion will manifest.

    Now most who hear this believe that if they really, really, really want something it will >POP< appear by magic. Sorry. To be kind, this is naive. A bit more is required.

    We live in a world of duality. Up & Down. Right & Left. On & Off. Polar opposites.

    There is NEVER one without the other. We can’t ever have a Right without a Left because in truth, polarities are points on a Continuum.

    One of the more dynamic of these polarities is Inside & Outside. Where does your Inside stop? At the tip of your nose? And your Outside? Somewhere in Infinity? If so, where?

    You desire something and you set your Heart on it. You dwell on it. Dream about it. Imagine how you’ll FEEL when it manifests.  Good.  Your Intent is in place. Your internal settings are good to go. But is that all? Is something else needed?

    What are you ATTENDING to? What is your ATTENTION on? To what is your Mind bending? Where and on what will your actions be directed and focused?

    You see the “opposite pole” of Intention is Attention. Just having the right stuff going on internally is only a start. You have to take action and you must consider a direction or target for your action. To what and where in the world Outside of You are you bending your Mind and directing your Intentional force? Wherever that is, is where your Attention lies. Or should lie if you want fulfillment of  your desire.

    If your Heart’s Intention and your Mind’s Attention are unbroken, in unison and focused on the same external outcome, you will ATTRACT your Desire.  The energy continuum will be complete and manifestation imminent.

    If not, there’s work to be done getting these poles in synch.

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    The Ultimate “Secret” Technique for Networking Success

    The ultimate technique is really not secret at all. You just haven’t realized it yet.

    I mean that literally. You just haven’t made it real – that’s what realize means. As specialize means to make something special, realize means to make something real, something manifest.

    Here’s the secret: To own your success, to own your life, learn how to own your mind and its thoughts and images.

    Sound simple? You say you’ve heard this before and it makes some sense to you? Then ask yourself this: Are you still watching the soaps and the news, still reading gossip sites and magazines, still surfing the web, playing video games or catching your team’s latest game, all as time-killers?

    When you do these things and others like them, you are renting space in your mind to others, giving away your power – and they will never, Never, NEVER care about your success as much as you do. Why would they?

    If that’s fully registered, the next question is: “How do I get a handle on the thoughts and images that pop in and out of my mind seemingly uncontrolled by me?”

    Here’s the answer: You need to cleanse your apparatus; wipe the mental slate clean as much as this is possible.

    And the first step is to turn off the TV & radio, throw out the newspapers and magazines. Start controlling what you are letting enter your mind.

    This is obviously easier said than done so ask yourself, “How badly do I want this success?”  I don’t mean sitting there, fists and teeth clenched, neck veins bulging, shaking, sweating, and red-faced saying out loud, “I really, really, really, REALLY want success.”

    The programming done is deep and has been ongoing for a very long time. It’s called culture, and it’s happened to us all. The media used are insidious and have been developed into more tricks than we’ll ever learn. We’ve all been targeted. 

    This mental cleansing is not possible alone. You will need a plan and the support of like-minded people who have suffered as you have and who, like you, are consumed by their success.

    Believe it or not, they are equally consumed by serving as your mentors.


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    Food for Thought . . . and Thought as Food

    If there is a better tale illustrating the dynamic of thought and intent, and the power we each possess, I’ve never seen or heard it.

    If you know it, enjoy it once again. If it’s new to you, I don’t think you’ll forget the simplicity and power of it.


    An old Cherokee was sitting with his grandson, telling the boy about the battle that goes on inside people.

    He said, “My son, the battle is between two ‘wolves’ inside us all.

    “One is Evil. It is called Anger, Envy, Jealousy, Sorrow, Regret, Greed, Arrogance, Self-pity, Guilt, Resentment, Inferiority, Lies, False Pride, and Superiority.

    “The other is Good. It is called Joy, Peace, Love, Hope, Serenity, Humility, Kindness, Benevolence, Empathy, Generosity, Truth, Compassion and Faith.”

    The grandson thought about it for a while and then asked,

    “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”

    The old Cherokee simply said, “The one you feed.”


    What’s this got to do with networking you might ask? Well just about everything!

    If you are struggling with your business, you are struggling with yourself.

    Ask yourself: Which wolf am I feeding?

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