Lack of MLM Skills Is Only Part of the Problem

Those who have been mentored by Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter know that people fail in MLM because they lack the necessary skills. But I believe that’s only the beginning.

What if a network marketer buys and studies all the CDs and books and attends all the seminars and workshops –in other words, has all the skills – but still struggles and fails because THE SKILLS ARE NOT PUT TO USE.

Doesn’t that beg the question that there must be more going on than lack of skills?

Don’t we have to ask WHY that network marketer is not using the skills?

And what’s gotten into his mind that’s distracted him or confused and deterred her?

The percentage of network marketers who ARE making their goals won’t give this much thought unless they first have downline members who fit this description of struggle and second, care about those struggling.

The percentage of network marketers who are making their goals ARE most likely using the required skills and so are making Big Al’s point.

Unfortunately the vast majority in MLM is not and so is struggling and thus contributing to the common perception that MLM doesn’t work – to say the most harmless thing about it.

That’s why I wrote my book. I took six stories of six different people that I had a series of phone conversations with over the course of several weeks. They each swore they wanted to succeed but allowed outside people, forces and ideas to derail them. In the book I told their stories and then suggested what those ideas and forces might be and why so many, some say as high as 98%, fail.

I wrote this book to shed some light on a problem that is largely self-imposed and so is largely self-correctable, provided the will is there.

Tony Lauria

PS: The book is available only as an Amazon Kindle ebook download. You can turn any device you have into a compatible eReader with software from Amazon at no cost here.

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Why 98% Fail or No Success Without Failure

I know, I know! That’s focusing on the negative, like saying the “Glass is Half-Empty!”

Well, it is. It has to be in order for the Glass to be Half-Full, doesn’t it?

Let’s be honest. When you look at that Glass, it’s BOTH Half-Empty AND Half-Full AT THE SAME TIME.

All the conventional advice is for us to focus on Success, on the part of the Glass with the liquid. And when we do that we are choosing to ignore the empty half.

But it is still there  – the empty half I mean.

There can be no Full without Empty, just as there is no Success without Failure.

Besides, that’s where we learn.

You remember the story of Edison and his 10,000 ‘failures’. Only he didn’t call them that. He claimed he learned 10,000 ways the light bulb wouldn’t work!

So yes, looking at failure works. It teaches. In our case it teaches what NOT to do with our Network Marketing businesses.

If you’re up to it and want to learn what NOT to do, you may want to check out my new book available only at Amazon via the Kindle store. If you don’t have a Kindle reader, don’t worry. You can get the free reader app download for any of your devices here.

And you can get your copy of the book via


To Your Success!

PS: Oh, the book’s subtitle is Why Recruiting & Keeping Your Downline Populated Keep Getting Harder. Aren’t you curious?

PPS: And if you have a moment after reading it would you consider leaving a comment.

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Think You Don’t Create Your Own Reality?

Here’s a video from FTF Films on Victim Mentality.
So if you could reverse that and create a Victor Mentality instead, would you?

It would require taking responsibility for your circumstances right now and resisting the temptation to blame parents, the economy, the government, a spouse, a lover, etc.

You would be creating your Life. Are you up to it?


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MLM: Just Another Part of the Ride

About 7 years ago when I first heard Personal Development and the idea that our thoughts create reality connected with Network Marketing, I was incredulous. I found it hard to believe that what I thought and believed had anything to do with my business success. 

Let’s face it, how many car salespeople or brokers concern themselves with such things? I was starting a networking business and needed to do the things necessary to build it. What was all this New Age stuff to do with that? 

Well, maybe those salespeople and brokers should pay attention, because now I know that seven years ago my education in my innate powers was just beginning. 

The very last part of the video presentation below ends with these words: 

“The world is like a ride at an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round and it has thrills and chills and it’s very brightly colored and it’s very loud. And it’s fun for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question, “Is this real or is this just a ride?’ and other people have remembered and they come back to us and they say, ‘Hey, Don’t worry, don’t be afraid ever because . . . this is just a ride.'”

MLM or network marketing is just an attraction, another ride at the amusement park.

Don’t be afraid to let out a good scream!


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Randy Gage Points Out “The Seeds of Opportunity”

About four years ago when I was in another Networking Company it was recommended that I read some sort of  Personal Development material. Okay. But why in conjunction with Multi-Level Marketing I thought?

The person I was recommended to read was Randy Gage. Though I left that company shortly thereafter, I have remained a fan of Randy’s ever since.

You will easily see why. Here is his latest blog entry.  “The Seeds of Opportunity”.

As Randy asks, You up for it?

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24 Jun 2010, 9:36pm
Why 98% Fail:

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  • Free-Will Choices? Free of Our Past?

    We deceive ourselves when we belive most of the choices we make are made from our free will. In truth, choices we make are really nothing more than decisions that are influenced by our mind-thoughts gathered through our past.

    The choices we make never occur prior to our mind-thoughts – and for clarity I will call mind-thoughts programming in order to appeal to a more computer-literate world.

    When making a choice we stop and think about it, consequently depending on our memories, which are nothing more than bits of our experiences selectively kept or jettisoned and then strung together to create what we call our personal history. But strung together according to what, I hope you might ask?

    According to more programming, foisted on us by parents, grand-parents, siblings, classmates, teammates, our communities, our nationalities, our desire to belong. Or not belong.

    Although it may appear we are coming from a place we call the present when making a choice, as long as memory  and personal history influence us, as long as a collective-culture influences us, we are honestly only operating from the rather claustrophobic confines of our mind’s past programming.

    No wonder then the expression, A war to win hearts and minds.

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    The Aphorism Salon – Pay Attention

    The trouble with most people is they don’t listen – TO THEMSELVES!  They know Get-Rich-Quick schemes are exactly that, yet they continue to join and support them. It’s the “Something for Nothing” mentality.

    Same thing goes for the Law of Attraction. The general expectation, after watching the movie THE SECRET, was to <POP> a thought in one’s head and voila! One’s Heart’s Desire would be manifest.  Our Physical Universe just doesn’t work like that. While it’s true that your outertv5world will shape itself to the inner world created by your thoughts, some deliberate action is required. And that’s what I’d like to address.  Especially the idea of paying attention.

    You see, there really is “Nothing for Nothing” or, “Everything has its Price”. And sometimes we pay for something in a  currency other than money. We can pay in how and to what we bend our minds.

    The Latin verb attendere is the root of our word attention, and it means “to turn or bend one’s mind towards“. Giving or paying attention is the clear, decisive act by the mind of taking possession of someone or something chosen out of several possibilities. ‘Paying attention’ conversely suggests ignoring some possibilities in order to deal effectively with the chosen object of your attention. It also suggests conscious control.

    To purposefully attract into your life what you desire, you’d best get a handle on your attention. So I’ll ask you this: How much TV do you watch? What movies? Oh, just the news. I see, just enough to shake your confidence and put a little bit of fear into you. A dose of reality, huh?

    The photo above shows John’s whiteboard in his salon. I’ve written about it before. This week’s aphorism hit me, as usual, right in the solar plexus. Interpretation:  Life isn’t what you see on TV or hear on the radio or read in a newspaper, magazine or novel. Life is what you pay attention to, and consequently, attract.

    If you’re not attracting what you desire, pay attention to what you’re paying attention to.

    Among the things that don’t deserve your attention are: TV & radio, especially the news; newspapers; advertisements & billboards; shopping malls; people you have no interest in; excessive noise; driving; spam Email and junk mail; Self-criticism; and people telling you your dream of owning your life is not real.

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    Attraction = Intention + Attention

    I get asked frequently why I use the word INTENTION and ATTENTION when most people who speak of this subject usually just use the word ATTRACTION.

    There is a very good reason.

    The Law of Attraction (LOA) is an inviolable law of the universe: Whatever thought or image a person keeps and nourishes with emotion will manifest.

    Now most who hear this believe that if they really, really, really want something it will >POP< appear by magic. Sorry. To be kind, this is naive. A bit more is required.

    We live in a world of duality. Up & Down. Right & Left. On & Off. Polar opposites.

    There is NEVER one without the other. We can’t ever have a Right without a Left because in truth, polarities are points on a Continuum.

    One of the more dynamic of these polarities is Inside & Outside. Where does your Inside stop? At the tip of your nose? And your Outside? Somewhere in Infinity? If so, where?

    You desire something and you set your Heart on it. You dwell on it. Dream about it. Imagine how you’ll FEEL when it manifests.  Good.  Your Intent is in place. Your internal settings are good to go. But is that all? Is something else needed?

    What are you ATTENDING to? What is your ATTENTION on? To what is your Mind bending? Where and on what will your actions be directed and focused?

    You see the “opposite pole” of Intention is Attention. Just having the right stuff going on internally is only a start. You have to take action and you must consider a direction or target for your action. To what and where in the world Outside of You are you bending your Mind and directing your Intentional force? Wherever that is, is where your Attention lies. Or should lie if you want fulfillment of  your desire.

    If your Heart’s Intention and your Mind’s Attention are unbroken, in unison and focused on the same external outcome, you will ATTRACT your Desire.  The energy continuum will be complete and manifestation imminent.

    If not, there’s work to be done getting these poles in synch.

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    My new eBook Culture, Politics, Entertainment & Irresponsibility in Network Marketing is not just about Network Marketing - it is about Success & Failure and the distractions that take us off track. It also explores how we just might be co-operating with those who want our attention at any cost - even our success. You can check out my new eBook by clicking on the image and getting it to your eReader in minutes.
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