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Successful Networking Why 98% Fail:

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  • Do You Keep Your Appointments The Way You Keep Your Word?

    That may be a problem. It was for Michelle.

    In my recent book I relate the story of this bright young woman who called to break an evening telephone appointment. No problem – except it was the third time she had done it in about ten days. So I asked what was up and she told me she knew when she made it she would not be able to keep it.

    Here’s an excerpt from the book:

    “I really knew I wasn’t going to be able to keep the appointment.”

    “Really, I see. Then why did you make the appointment?”

    There was no answer, so I continued.

    “Do you think there is one singular thing that if changed would impact the world for the better, way beyond our imagination? Even one simple solution?”

    She said she didn’t think there was. I suggested the following:

    “The reason there is so much turmoil in the world, so much contention right here in our country between political parties, so much anger from the populace – and why you are struggling in your business – is because people don’t keep their word. It is that simple.

    “If members of Congress and parliaments around the world kept to their sworn duties, if presidents and prime ministers kept their promises, if business leaders and employees kept to their agreements, how different would the world be right now? How different would it all be if husbands and wives, mothers and fathers and children just did what they said they would do and not promise to do something if they knew they never would or could?”

    She didn’t say a word. I had her attention so I finished.

    “Michelle, no matter how hard you work, no matter what skills I may be able to help you acquire, no matter how great your company is, and no matter how wonderful your products and services are, if you don’t keep your word you won’t find the success you so deeply desire. It is THAT simple.”


    There are lots of reasons why so many do not succeed in MLM. This is just one of them.

    The trouble is that a majority of those we deal with are like this, saying one thing and doing another. Yet we dream, we strive and we are relentless in pursuit of our destination.

    There is more to the story and five more similar to the one you just read, all from and about people who swear they want to make it but somehow find something gets in their way.

    You will also find some speculation on why it is getting harder and harder to recruit and keep a downline populated. I couldn’t resist. Call me a sucker for trying to figure out human behavior but that is our business to a large degree, isn’t it?

    If you’d like to learn more you can go to http://Why98percentFail.com

    My book is not the usual take on MLM. I did not write about compensation plans, about recruiting or about personal development. There are plenty of good books, CDs and videos available on those key subjects.

    My intent was twofold: to explore why earnest individuals such as Michelle get so sidetracked and to ease our frustrations as business builders.

    I hope you enjoy the book and ask you to leave a comment when you are finished reading it.

    To Our Success!


    Tony Lauria


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    MLM Tip: How To Speak, How To Listen 4

    If you’ve been doing network marketing for even just one month, you’ve probably heard this one:

    “So how much money have you made doing this?”

    And for most of us it can be a real stopper. It certainly stopped me once or twice.

    Here’s Big Al with Art Jonak giving us a really masterful answer to this thorny question:


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    How To Speak, How To Listen 2

    Yesterday I cited Mortimer J. Adler’s book How to Speak How to Listen where the author paired the communication skills of writing with reading and speaking with listening. Mr. Adler also wrote that the pair of speaking and listening is more difficult to acquire than the reading and writing pair. Here’s why.

    Superficially, the two pairs appear to be parallel since both involve language and both are used to connect one mind to another. Yet there is a very fundamental difference between the two pairs and that difference is fluidity, immediacy and fluency.

    The written word was invented to be read, to be more or less permanent. Consider when something is written. It can be gone over and edited before it is released to be read. The communication is not immediate; there is always a time lag between the writing and the reading. This pair, when compared to speaking and listening, is static, resembling painting and sculpture rather than a performing art such as acting or dancing.

    When communication is spoken and listened to one is not able to go back and change what has been said and listened to. We can correct ourselves when we have misspoken but it is not so easy to forget our first and immediate impression of the performance — despite what judges tell juries to do!

    ‘Speaking and Listening’ has the element of ‘Standing and Delivering’ to it. This similarity may explain to a large degree why Network Marketers need these skills and also why they are very uncomfortable using them, lending insight as to why so many struggle. ~~~

    While I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Adler’s book How to Speak How to Listen , he does use a lot of examples from the classical world making the book rather academic. If you are a network marketer or in conventional sales, looking to improve your commercial speaking and listening skills you can’t do any better than Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter. You can find a list of his 25 Essential Skills for Network Marketers at http://BigAlSkills.com and sign up for his newsletter at http://FortuneNow.com at no cost.

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    MLM Tip From The Warrior Forum, Of All Places

    I was tooling around on the Internet researching the question of how many people join MLM companies daily when Google gave me a link to the Warrior Forum.

    The WF is really much more geared to Internet Marketing or IM rather than Multi-Level Marketing or MLM. But a young marketer had posted an interesting question looking for advice. His question was how could he get his opportunity in front of fifty people daily.

    That was all the opening the naysayers needed to jump on MLM in general, tearing it and every MLMer from pillar to post. There were, however, a small handful of MLMers who certainly “got it” and shared some great advice. And below is a snippet of some regarding using an Internet mass market appeal to potential prospects and customers:

    “Scrap this idea immediately. Exposing your business to mass numbers of people via the Internet is not how a successful mlm business is built.

    “It’s built by connecting… REALLY CONNECTING… with people on a one to one basis who are, or will become, leaders who will duplicate a few simple actions and perform them on a consistent daily basis.

    “There is no path to long term mlm success in marketing to the masses via the Internet.”

    MLM is a very personal business done best face-to-face. For those who don’t like talking to people, marketing in mass seems to be a way to crack the nut. But it doesn’t work without eventually talking and listening to people.

    You might generate your own leads with a give-away and a website and an opt-in page BUT EVENTUALLY YOU HAVE TO TALK  — AND LISTEN — TO THOSE WHO RESPONDED & EXPRESSED AN INTEREST IN YOUR OFFER. Or why bother? They will not simply enroll in large numbers without the MLMer taking a huge part in the business

    Speaking commercially and Listening are the two most crucial skills for any MLMer in any MLM company.

    All the other skills pale in comparison.

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    “Why do I have to learn that?”: an MLM Tip from Big Al . . .

    “Give me a break . . .

    “So I was giving the “Skills Test” to a potential leader. He couldn’t answer a single one of the 10 skills needed to get a new distributor started. Ouch. “When I asked him if he was going to learn how to do this business, he said,

    “Why do I have to learn that? I have a good attitude and I have goals. That’s all I should need. I don’t want to bother learning how to do this business.”

    “Well, it is hard to learn to spell if you refuse to learn the alphabet.

    ** If you can’t share with your new distributor four or five great opening sentences that get prospects to beg you for a presentation, what chance does your new distributor have to get presentations?

    ** If you can’t write down word-for-word exactly what to say to get an instant appointment, should you let your distributor just make something up and hope for the best?

    ** If you don’t tell your new distributor the three real reasons people join, will he leave those reasons out of his presentation?

    ** If you don’t show your new distributor the two ways of creating “instant vision” – how will your new distributor keep his team motivated?

    ** If you don’t give your new distributor three or four great, rejection-free closing sentences, won’t your new distributor be afraid of closing?

    ** If you don’t teach your new distributor the “needs vs. wants” principle, won’t your new distributor get discouraged quickly?

    ** If you don’t teach your new distributor the exact words to say to take control of the prospect’s mind to get his total attention, won’t the message go unheard?

    “So if you are a new distributor reading this newsletter, go to your upline’s training and learn these skills. Don’t make excuses. Don’t blame the weather, say you are too tired, that you are busy petting the stray cat you just bought … just go to your upline’s training sessions and learn. “And if you are a leader reading this newsletter, give your new distributors the skills they need right away. Don’t let them struggle. Write down exactly word-for-word what your new distributors should say and do. “Anyone can do this business easily if they just say the right words and do the right things.”


    If you are in the New York tri-state area and you have finally arrived at the point where you realize

    “I DO have to learn that . . .”

    Come join us as we present Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter on Monday, April 9th from 7:15 – 10:00 pm: How To Get Your Prospects to Say YES Immediately!

    We’ll be at the Ripley-Grier Studios, located at 520 8th Avenue & 36th Street, in Studio 16F, on the 16th Floor.

    The cost is just $20 at the door but you can get a 50% discount by RSVPing at the Meetup site.

    There is NO COST to join at http://MLMskillsforsuccess.com

    And please take note that NO recruiting, promoting or selling is permitted at our Meetups. We have created a space where network marketers can come together without the onrush of the typical feeding frenzy and where you can SAFELY bring your downline and prospects.

    Any questions? Contact me: tony@ajlauria.com

    The discount applies only to ALL who respond and get on our RSVP list.

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    Why Network Marketing?

    There’s an old expression: “I quote others to better express myself.”

    So I am enlisting the help of Randy Gage in making the case for MLM, or Network Marketing. Here’s his latest blog post.


    Why Network Marketing?

    By Randy Gage  March 31st, 2012

    Some have skepticism about Network Marketing.  Others see it as the last bastion left in the free enterprise system an average person can create wealth.  Just how real is the promise, and why does it work?

    True economic freedom requires that you employ two basic prosperity principles:

    1)   You must employ the concept of leverage, to escape the trading-time-for-money dilemma; and

    2)   You must be able to look in the mirror every morning and know you’re talking to the boss.

    When you put these two factors in play, manifesting prosperity is no longer a wild pipe dream, but something you can really accomplish.

    When you take the entrepreneurial excitement of working for yourself and combine that with leveraging yourself through a network of other excited entrepreneurs—the results are exponentially spectacular. The synergistic process creates a whole that is much more powerful than its individual parts. Done properly, the end result of building your network is a self-perpetuating, residual income machine.

    There are probably as many reasons to work the biz as there are distributors. Usually, though, it comes down to the kind of lifestyle networking can give you. Some of the unique benefits of this business include:

    • Choosing the people you work with;
    • Going into business with a small investment;
    • Starting part-time;
    • Working from home;
    • Low Risk;
    • Picking the hours you work;
    • Discovering unique products not available elsewhere;
    • Getting lucrative tax advantages;
    • Enjoying the opportunity for an unlimited income;
    • Having the chance to build your success while empowering others to succeed.

    This complete benefit package simply is not available in any other business I know of.  It is unique to MLM.   So who can you tell about it today!

    – RG

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    How to Fix YOUR Economy

    Let’s be honest for a moment.

    Your economy begins in YOUR home, regardless of what they are doing in Washington. Regardless of the outcome of the election this November.

    I mean historically, does the government instill confidence in you to fix the economy? Or to fix ANYTHING?

    Let the Dimwits and the Repulsives squabble over THE economy. We, you and I, should be concerned with OUR OWN economies respectively. Because we know what we can do.

    The simplest and least costly way to get a handle on this is to get paid for something you are already doing. In fact, it is something you’ve been doing since you were 5 or 6 years old.

    What’s that?


    Referring people to products or services that you use and enjoy and feel good about.

    As I said you did it when you loved a new breakfast cereal and a new TV serial. You do it when you find a great restaurant and when you come across a magical, awesome, fabulous book or movie.

    You just never got paid for doing it before.

    Want to change that?

    Check out this brief video.

    Have a question? Email me. tony@ajlauria.com

    You can also get a copy of a blueprint that lays out what this is all about, what to look for and what to avoid. There’s no cost for the download.

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    How to Get Your Prospects to Say YES Immediately!

    Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, the globetrotting master trainer, says:

    Get your prospects to immediately accept and believe the good things you say.


    By changing the sequence of your words.

    Yes, it is that easy to place your information inside your prospects’ heads and have them believe instead of dis-believe.

    We all know how frustrating it is when our prospects don’t believe us. Here is your chance to change that forever.

    We will learn magic phrases and sentences that go immediately to the decision part of the prospects’ brains, and these phrases will pre-sell your prospects.

    Imagine what it would be like to have your prospects agreeing, nodding their heads, smiling, and in total rapport with you and your message.

    Start learning these magic phrases and sentences now, and put them to use within minutes of the workshop. You will be shocked and amazed at the new world awaiting you.

    If you are in the New York area or know someone who is,

    Join us April 9th at the Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue & 36th Street, in Manhattan.

    We’ll be starting at about 7:15pm and we’ll be in Studio 16F.

    The cost is $10.00 at the door when you RSVP, $20.00 without the RSVP at


    But please remember: Since our training Meetups are ALWAYS generic and we NEVER permit recruiting, you can comfortably bring your downline to hear ‘Big Al’ deliver these skills to help you build your organization.

    Hope to see you on April 9th.

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    Yet ANOTHER Reason Why So Many Fail In Marketing

    Here’s a recent blog post from Seth Godin lending some insight into why marketing can be so difficult, for the professional as well as the initiate – aka the Network Marketer. Maybe we should try networking with ourselves?

    The link to the original post on Seth’s blog is below. Enjoy it.



    Everything we do that’s important is the result of conflict. Not a conflict between us and the world–a conflict between us and ourselves.

    We want to eat another dessert but we want to be healthy and skinny as well. Who is we? Who is the self in self control, and who is being controlled?

    We want to stand up and make difference and we want to sit down and hide and be safe.

    We want to help others and we want to keep more for ourselves.

    It’s not a metaphor, it’s brain chemistry. We don’t have one mind, we have competing interests, all duking it out.

    This conflict, the conflict between I and me, is at the heart of being human. One side sells the other. Like all kinds of marketing, it’s far more effective if you know your audience. You will do a better job of telling a story (to yourself) if you understand who you are marketing to. In this case, I is marketing to me (and vice versa). The marketing is going on in your head…

    Successful people have discovered how to be better at self marketing.


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    How To Thumb Your Nose At The Tax Man

    The ‘Thought of the Day’ from one of my inbox newsletters was this:

    “People try to live within their income so they can afford to pay taxes to a government that can’t live within its income.” ~ Robert Half

    SMACK! Right between the eyes!

    But having to feed that dependent child, aka the Government, doesn’t upset me as much as it used to. Why? Because I have a simple way of generating some extra money.

    So now that you have to keep feeding that OTHER dependent child, aka the Government, you might consider another means of income so you don’t have to sacrifice your quality of life.

    A second means of income that doesn’t radically alter your lifestyle. One that doesn’t ask you to learn drastically new skills but rather uses the ones you already have. One that doesn’t require new modes of behavior, just expands on what you’re comfortable doing right now.

    And the answer is Network Marketing, aka the Recommending Business.

    You see, when you like a new restaurant or movie or healthcare product, don’t you unhesitatingly and enthusiastically want to tell those you know about them? Well, that’s what Network Marketing is – A recommending business. Only when you’re doing it with a business relationship YOU’RE GETTING A EXTRA PAYCHECK!

    If the idea tickles you even the slightest bit, you may want to take a look at this 7-minute video that explains the power of this model.


    And if you have a question or two, send me an email at tony@ajlauria.com.

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    My new eBook Culture, Politics, Entertainment & Irresponsibility in Network Marketing is not just about Network Marketing - it is about Success & Failure and the distractions that take us off track. It also explores how we just might be co-operating with those who want our attention at any cost - even our success. You can check out my new eBook by clicking on the image and getting it to your eReader in minutes.
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