Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Seriously. Who?

The ‘Real You’ is revealed in this 3:58 video by the late, great and loving Alan Watts.


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9 Reasons Why MLM STILL Appeals To Millions

In a blog article I recently read the author, J.P. Hicks, was consoling those who are experiencing the humiliation of being unemployed and the frustration of looking for a job in the current dismal economic environment.

He related a story of his cousin who has a $180K college education, is working part-time in a department store and has sent out over a two year span 38,000 resumes, all to no avail.

Insightfully, he stated that society has “trained us to believe we are worthless without a job” and that “no one ever tells us to stop looking for a job and get busy building something”.

Not true.

Over my years in Network Marketing I have heard exactly that advice repeatedly. Hicks lists 10 reasons why ‘JOB’ should be a curse in our collective vocabulary and that we should shun all attempts at seeking one. Out of the ten reasons, nine could precisely describe the motivation for the millions who join the NM industry. Mind you, the author was not endorsing Network Marketing.

Here are those nine reasons that very accurately define why MLM still appeals to millions and most likely will for a great long time:
1. Working a job makes others wealthy, but not YOU. Self-explanatory.

2 Jobs are designed to make you poorer. Because wages do not keep pace with rising costs. In MLM you are paid according to what your efforts produce.

3. Jobs force you to get up at the same time every day: One of the goals of many Network Marketers is simply to sleep until they are finished and then get up.

4. Most jobs require you to wear a costume of some kind  Wish I knew how many MLMers brag about going to the “office” in their pajamas!

5. Bosses wield the all  power. This one hit home for me because I have never met a boss I ever liked!

6. Jobs tax your income at the highest rate. If you’ve never heard about the tax breaks for owning your own business, talk to your accountant. And if you don’t have one, find one because you’ll need one and will be able to afford one once the ball gets rolling.

7. Jobs steal your passion from you and deny you of  what you really want to do with your life. Another one of the greatest motivations for a vast majority of MLMers.

8 You’ll never be in control of your life working for someone else: If someone has the power to end your way of life, then you will never be free. Who can’t get jacked up and enthused about owning their own life?

9. Most jobs hold back your potential as a human being: Ah, this one explains all that personal development that is so intimately connected to Network Marketing. What other business or industry allows you to get to the heart of the matter for yourself and touch and mentor others to grab hold of their own life course?

Many thanks to:

J.P. Hicks is an entrepreneur and pro blogger, editor of Blog Tips, and author of the Secrets to Making Money with a Free Blog. Follow @ Twitter, or like on Facebook.

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Uncovering Your Passion

When faced with the question, “What is your life’s passion?”, many are stumped.

So many of us at one time or another have fallen into jobs or careers because of either an interest – but not a passion – or worse, others’ expectations of us.

The results? “I hate my job. I hate my life.”

Here are six simple questions to help bring you to that special place where you might just be a bit afraid to look. You probably have heard one or two of them but grab a hot drink and let these isolate what it is that lights your fire, floats your boat or just won’t leave you alone! (Don’t rush through this no matter how anxious it may make you. The best answers are the ones you may have to dig a little to get. Or just wait silently for as they bubble to the surface.)

  • You have all the money you could possibly dream of so what would you do now since money is not part of the picture?
  • If failure & all accompanying fears were also removed from the picture, what would you do?
  • When you have some free time what do you enjoy doing most?
  • What are you so good at doing that people seek you out in order to get some advice?
  • My favorite: Determine the common thread between your favorite TV shows & movies and the kinds of books & magazines you love to read.
  • What – if anything – do you enjoy doing in your current work or job?

Your passion has to be a bit like religion: it has to give or highlight a purpose that you will not easily surrender, if at all, and that you could never imagine living without. Or it just isn’t a passion.

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7 Oct 2009, 11:28pm

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  • Marketing Disclosure

  • A Self-Made Admission

    “We are all self-made.
    But only the successful will admit it.” 

                                                                                 – Earl Nightingale

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    Creating Your Purpose – Crafting Your WHY

    In my last post I used something Joseph Campbell said to make the point that we create our lives – or not. If we do not inform and infuse meaning and purpose into our lives, they have none. Life is meaningless unless we do something about it.

    Since nothing could be more undesirable than living a meaningless life, here’s how to take care of that. Here is a point-by-point plan to craft your life’s WHY, something that MUST be about YOU. Let me remind You that this is NOT Selfish in the way most people take that to mean.

    I have borrowed the outline from one of my team’s mentors, Sarah Thompson, and have then made it my own. Take the time to Use it. It works. And thank you Sarah.

    1. Accept & Believe that You have Powers beyond your Imagination.
    2. Expand your Imagination to catch up to those Latent Powers to become anything You desire Becoming.
    3. Create a Plan. Work at it. Adjust it as required. (It is a living, breathing entity.)
    4. You have already – no matter what your age is now – been many people: a child, a youngster, a brother or sister, a son or daughter, a boy or girl friend, a student, a parent, a serviceman or servicewoman, a grandparent. Understand ALL these experiences helped you attained a slightly different outward personality, each time leading to a new You.
    5. Using these experiences, accept that You are capable of Changing and have done so, but mostly Unconsciously and as situations demanded.
    6. KNOW it’s your turn to Consciously Change, on Your Demand.
    7. Take the time to reflect, putting No Time Limit or Pressure on Yourself.
    8. Know Yourself- Know Your Story. What has happened to You & Your life? Has your life turned out the way you thought it would?
    9. WHAT happened to Your Dreams? What filters are working against You? What conditioning beliefs are not serving You? How do You interpret You, Your Life and Your Beliefs? Where did You get those Beliefs?
    10. Where do You want to be in 5 years . . . in 2 years . . . next year . . . in 6 months . . . next month . . . in 2 weeks?
    11. What do You desire in your relationships with your spouse, children, parents, neighbors, colleagues?
    12. How do you recreate yourself? What thrills You & gives You goosebumps? What fulfills You & makes You happy?
    13. What are You grateful for and do You regularly express Gratitude?
    14. Decide on a Goal in each of these areas: Personal Values, Relationships, Personal Freedom.
    15. Craft your Self-Talk that is Synchronized with Your newly designed  and crafted ‘WHY’.

    If you prefer to work with a mentor, please contact me at the email address above.

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    Life Has No Purpose

    The late, great mythologist Joseph Campbell played a large role informing my psychological and intellectual life. There is only one thing I heard him say that has ever taken me by surprise: “Life has no purpose.”

    Not sitting well in my attempts to put together the many thoughts and things then going on in my life, I have never forgotten it and over the years have thought quite a bit about the idea that life is meaningless. Plus it just didn’t fit what Campbell was all about.

    With a few more grey hairs and a whole lot more experience, I’m pretty sure now what the professor meant.

    Life by itself, without any moving, profound experience of it by the individual living it, has no purpose.

    Said another way: Life means whatever we desire it to mean through the experiences we choose to have of it and if we have no desire driving us, no passion pushing us, it is meaningless and devoid of purpose.

    Therein lies the urgency to find a driving, burning, consuming life’s desire – or yours will have no purpose. Joseph Campbell also famously said: “Follow your bliss.”  Was he playing The Trickster after all?

    In my next post I’ll borrow from a mentor something I recently heard on how to craft a purpose and give life meaning.

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