Playing The Time Leverage Game

Funny how each of us really has the same dream: time, money, great relationships, and a meaningful, fulfilling life. But none of us will ever achieve our dream by trading time for money in a job.

There is only one way and that is to learn to Leverage Our Time; make Time and Others work for us.

Here are the Rules as outlined in a great, short, impactful book by Bill Quain Overcoming Time Poverty: How To Achieve more By Working Less.

1. Learn To Multiply. Time for Money is linear and to increase the money you have to increase the Time. It is simple addition. Instead learn to Multiply, using the Time of Others whom you have taught and mentored and the Time of the Others whom they have found in turn. And so on and so on.

2. Increase the value of your time, don’t increase your time. When you create more without working more, you have automatically made your time more valuable.

3. Use your time to Build not Buy. Build equity that will work for you forever. Don’t spend money on things but on more income-producing assets.

4. Build a Toll Booth, not a Toil Booth. Be more interested in collecting than working. Find a massive and dynamic trend and take part in it.  Even just a small part of each transaction will accumulate quickly.

5. Get a Mentor, be a Mentor. In this Time Leverage Game, build a network of winners. We all need help and it is our responsibility to pass on that help to those who earnestly seek it.

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Gandhi on Network Marketing (!)

“A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble. “  

I don’t know if my friend and mentor Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter is a student of Gandhi or not, but this is right out of ‘Big Al’s’ Three Steps To Success: “Take the Volunteers.”  

Be grateful for a clear and honest NO.  Their NO releases you, allowing you to move on to further efforts. When you get excuses or reasons, don’t bother chasing them.  

Avoid Stress! It’s a killer.

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The Aphorism Salon – On The Wrong Track?

I’m currently with the only five pillar company I’ve come across in seven years of  networking. Yet it took me months to bring the first of my affiliate distributors into this great company. Why so long?


John’s aphorism explains it well.  I was on the wrong track with some really bad habits, gathered over those misguided years, developed through misplaced trust and a basic misunderstanding of the industry.  Every occasion and every conversation I had was wrong. I was “arriving at the wrong station” again and again. I was on the wrong track and that track was my bad prior training and habits.

What bad habits? Here’s the short list:

1. Selling –  Yes, SELLING – my MLM opportunity.

Big, huge, monumental and deadly mistake. As my mentor rightly says: “This is not a sales business, but a relationship business. No one wants to be sold.”

2. Buying MLM leads.

Passed off as fresh MLM leads they were expensive and useless. The only ones who benefited were my upline who were supposed to be helping me build OUR business! Just imagine their cynicism: knowing that new affiliates on average recruit only 2.7 new distributors, they figured out a way to make money on the backs of newbies by selling useless leads. The money paid to the leads company got shared. A kick-back. Buying and selling leads is a scam. Worse, it does not lead to duplication, the backbone of any true MLM. It breeds only mistrust and a culture of cynical cannibalism.

3. Making a list of friends and family and practicing “the 3-foot rule”.

I targeted everyone I knew and then went after everyone that came near me. I took so much heat that I became gun-shy. So gun-shy that in my current company, I was reluctant at first to talk to anyone at all even though I believed and knew the value of the company and the opportunity.

I had to learn NOT to talk to just anyone but to seek out the volunteers, those who fit us, our company, our culture and our ‘family’. I learned to screen prospects the way I learned to screen prospective tenants in my 4-family house. I began looking for people I could live and prosper with.

How do you feel about that?

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The Aphorism Salon – Boring Your Prospects?


WoW! Do I love this gem from John’s window.

When I first got into Network Marketing I did not meet with any success worth considering. And I couldn’t figure out why. After all, I came with some sales experience. I knew how to talk a good game. Slowly I came to real-ize I had a load of bad habits – worse, unproductive and undermining habits that just didn’t work in MLM. One of them was talking.


Another was not listening. Enough.

We have all heard that Network Marketing is a Relationship business but how many of us have also heard that it is NOT a sales business? There is nothing to sell and everything to lose if it is approached that way, namely, as a conventional business.

You see, most of us got into this gig because we didn’t like the way conventional businesses are run or what they make us do or feel. It’s a whole new order of things here but if we bring some conventional ideas and habits along with us into Networking, well, what have we made of it?

Our conscious mind may be telling us we’re our own bosses now, finally, but are we allowing our unconscious habit-mind to undo us?

Pay ATTENTION to your actions. Cut that talking time in half and double the listening time.

This Prospecting thing is a process and you must differentiate yourself from everyone else out there shouting about their deals. So LISTEN.

You are a Leader, someone your prospect can plug into. Don’t be focused on jerking them into your deal. Tell them stuff they didn’t know but show them you have the answers, or at the very least, can get the answers for them.

But you’ll NEVER be able to find those answers if you don’t know the questions and there’s only one way to get those. By LISTENING.

How do you feel about that?

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“Life Is Tough . . . It’s Even Tougher When We’re Ignorant”

There’s this little shop in my neighborhood that has all sorts of bric-a-brac in its window, including a small whiteboard. On it the shop’s eccentric owner posts these short, quirky and yet insightful little bits of wisdom. A few days ago the board read:  

Life is tough – it’s even tougher when you’re stupid. 

Hit me right between the eyes. I mean, I’ve been stupid, had stupid ideas and done stupid things. And they’ve all made my life more difficult. Well, maybe stupid is not accurate and too harsh. Maybe ignorant is more like it. Anyway. . .

The list is long and it touches every part of my life but since this blog is as much about networking as it is about personal development, let’s go there. Let’s look at how being ignorant of the industry cost me – in many ways.

·      I totally fell in love with the product, thinking that product quality or uniqueness was enough to insure my success. I believed all I had to do was SELL and the rest would be my million dollar dream come true.

·      I paid absolutely no attention to the compensation plan. I wouldn’t ignore how I was to be paid in a conventional job, but come MLM, I totally disregarded it.

·      I spent THOUSANDS on one company’s products UPFRONT. I had so much inventory from this frontloading tactic that I wound up giving or throwing the product away. 

·      I bought leads at the advice of my sponsoring upline, trusting that my sponsors were working with me toward my success. The people I spoke to NEVER heard of my company or had simply filled out an online survey to “get stuff”.

·      I got into a reverse funneling system that offered a standard marketing and advertising back office site but charged me $300 EACH MONTH to host it. Luckily education put an end to that financial drain. 

Yes, I got educated. I made my life a lot easier by educating myself and getting the mentorship I needed to succeed in this industry. I just wish I had read that Google ad sooner! 

The ad I read got me a free copy of SUCCESS IN 10 STEPS by Michael Dlouhy.  If you need help avoiding many of these MLM landmines and want a copy of the map through the field, please help yourself on the right sidebar. 

And of course you can contact me at any time.

I mean, your MLM Networking Life is tough enough as it is. Don’t make it tougher. Get answers, get mentoring.

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