The ‘All-Seeing’ MLM Policy & Procedure

As an MLM mentor I assist struggling Network Marketers. Among the help I am able to provide is the deciphering of their Policy & Procedure documents.

A P&P, as it is known, is the actual contract a networker has with the company he or she has chosen. Regrettably there are a number of clauses to be watchful for, all designed for one purpose: to “legally” steal the rep’s paycheck.

This morning as I was sitting before my computer reading the P&P document for someone’s network marketing company, I got the distinct vision of the Eye of Sauron atop the tower of Barad-Dur in Mordor from the Lord of the Rings.

Crazy I know but pretty damn accurate. Most P&Ps are benign to most reps for one reason only: 98% of all reps fail, meaning if they generate any income at all for themselves it would not be enough to draw the attention of the company’s CEO and top-earners.

Much like the Hobbits who did not typically draw the attention of Sauron’s eye, most reps are too small! Assumed to be of no significance, sponsoring on average only 2.7 new distributors for the company, they are essentially left to be what they are: consumers of the products/services. It is further assumed that they will not ever seriously challenge the vast wealth accumulated by the ownership.

And as long as they stay small, most of the P&P clauses will have little to no effect on them and they won’t have any real serious problems. As a former VP once said, “Let them protest all they want as long as they pay their taxes.” Similar attitude.

However, the closer you get to the big money, that is the bigger your check becomes, the more attention you will attract.

Just as the One Ring grew heavier the closer it travelled to Mordor and consequently drew more of Sauron’s attention, so will you draw attention the more they will have to pay you.

Then your Sauron-like CEO will look to invoke clauses in your P&P (contract) that will facilitate the appropriation of your check.

What to do? Here are some choices:

  1. Keep a low profile, be sure your check doesn’t grow and so escape notice. But is that why you joined your company?
  2. Learn what is in your P&P. Knowing where the traps are, you might be able to avoid notice and stay at a safe distance. But is such a limitation what you want?
  3. Pardon the corn but you could ask for help from a Fellowship of Networkers. We at MentoringForFree would be honored to assist you and show you how to protect yourself and your paycheck from the spying gaze and long greedy grasp of your CEO’s evil insatiable greed.

If you would like to explore what help you may find, please email me

And you may download a free copy of the manual that reoriented thousands of network marketers’ lives here:

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