The Aphorism Salon – Make Peace With Your Past . . .

There is a controversy of sorts on one of the better networking sites right now. One of the regular contributors to the site posted a statement in the forum accusing a networking guru of some unscrupulous activity, without naming names or providing proof of the allegations. Many of the comments have been lauding the accuser’s actions, none of which are substantiated, and calling the accuser courageous for “outing” the guru.

I prefer not to get into the particulars since they don’t add anything to my purpose for writing about this episode. However, I will mention this fact: the person who posted the unfounded allegations was at one time in this particular guru’s downline, which probably explains  quite a lot. make-peace-with-your-past3

Attraction Marketing, all the rage in networking, comes down to this: You attract what You project. Put on a happy, positive face; voice a grateful and respectful message and you’ll attract those who you’ll want to work with, those who see life as ‘giving before getting’, and those who approach it as a vast sea of pure potential that can be molded to their desires by first aligning their own hearts and minds and then masterminding with yours and others in your business or on your team.

Or you and they can go through life bitter and resentful, attracting malcontents hellbent on pulling down instead of building up lives. As usual John’s salon had an aphorism in its window that could serve us all:


The choice as always is yours. We are all indeed self-made. Be one of the successful ones who will proudly admit personal power, accepting the accolades and assuming the responsibilities.

How do you feel about that?

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this is so smart…there ain’t enough time for controversy! you know, I’ve been thinking about how we’re a whole lot of habits. new patterns can be made but the habit of building up will serve us all well in tense times. make peace–yes 🙂

There are better networkers and there are bitter networkers. We’re attracted to the former.

Great post, sir!

Bob and Anna Bassett

Thanks for the visit and your kind comment. Stop by again!


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