The Aphorism Salon – On The Wrong Track?

I’m currently with the only five pillar company I’ve come across in seven years of  networking. Yet it took me months to bring the first of my affiliate distributors into this great company. Why so long?


John’s aphorism explains it well.  I was on the wrong track with some really bad habits, gathered over those misguided years, developed through misplaced trust and a basic misunderstanding of the industry.  Every occasion and every conversation I had was wrong. I was “arriving at the wrong station” again and again. I was on the wrong track and that track was my bad prior training and habits.

What bad habits? Here’s the short list:

1. Selling –  Yes, SELLING – my MLM opportunity.

Big, huge, monumental and deadly mistake. As my mentor rightly says: “This is not a sales business, but a relationship business. No one wants to be sold.”

2. Buying MLM leads.

Passed off as fresh MLM leads they were expensive and useless. The only ones who benefited were my upline who were supposed to be helping me build OUR business! Just imagine their cynicism: knowing that new affiliates on average recruit only 2.7 new distributors, they figured out a way to make money on the backs of newbies by selling useless leads. The money paid to the leads company got shared. A kick-back. Buying and selling leads is a scam. Worse, it does not lead to duplication, the backbone of any true MLM. It breeds only mistrust and a culture of cynical cannibalism.

3. Making a list of friends and family and practicing “the 3-foot rule”.

I targeted everyone I knew and then went after everyone that came near me. I took so much heat that I became gun-shy. So gun-shy that in my current company, I was reluctant at first to talk to anyone at all even though I believed and knew the value of the company and the opportunity.

I had to learn NOT to talk to just anyone but to seek out the volunteers, those who fit us, our company, our culture and our ‘family’. I learned to screen prospects the way I learned to screen prospective tenants in my 4-family house. I began looking for people I could live and prosper with.

How do you feel about that?

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