Money – Its Metaphysical Nature-Part 3

Money is not matter. To believe that it is, is to shackle yourself to it.

Money is not material. When people call others who are money-conscious “materialists”, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Money is as insubstantial as one can imagine. It is a shadow of the material world, cast by human activity.

Because Money stands in as a substitute for human energy, there is a sacred quality to it. This uncommon appreciation of Money renders the belief that it is evil, or the root of evil, utterly ridiculous. If one believes Money is inherently evil then the required equivalent belief is that human life is inherently evil.

Money can never be evil. Only human activities to secure it can be. Consider, for the sake of brevity, that there are two ways to obtain Money.

The first is to provide goods or services to others and in exchange you get either other goods and services – barter – or an agreed upon  medium of exchange – Money. Either way value flows in both directions.

Now consider the second way. Goods or services are promised.  Money is exchanged but the promise is never kept. Or worse, Money is simply taken with no regard to either goods or services. Now we have a crime.

Money is never evil and since it represents a repository of human life, sweat and toil, it possesses a sacred dimension that humanity is virtually unconscious of.

How do you feel about that?

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