25 Sep 2011, 8:31pm
Why 98% Fail

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    Seth Godin’s latest post http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2011/09/everyone-gets-their-own-belief.html begins:

    “The placebo effect isn’t a lie. In fact, if you believe something is going to help you get better, it may very well do just that.

    This very same effect works with stereo equipment, wine, politicians… just about everything where our belief intersects with reality.

    You can believe that Ford is better than Chevy, that California reds are better than French ones and that your particular tribe is right (and that everyone else is wrong.)”

    So too can you believe that your Network Marketing company is the greatest, the best, the most generous, the marketer of the most desired products, etc.

    Yet what happens when belief collides with fact? With demonstrable proof?

    Marketers, Godin writes, love the placebo effect because it opens the possible use of stories, fables and constructed perception to sell more than is visible: price and features.

    You and I were sold an MLM opportunity by a marketer. Chances are extremely high that we were sold – and we bought – a story, a fable, a myth and a constructed perception.

    How’s that working out for you? Has any of it collided yet with demonstrable fact?

    What to do about global warming is an issue we all have an opinion on. Fair enough. But Godin asks, should we, the uninitiated in science, be asked to determine whether global warming exists or not? Does the weather care what we believe?

    When you joined your MLM there was a definite, almost measurable, amount of belief as part of your decision process. But how much of your need for verifiable proof was suspended? And is there now some collision with “scientific” real world empirical fact?

    Do the economy and the company care what you believe? We’re all entitled to our ‘placebo effect’ beliefs, but as Godin asks, are we entitled to our own science?


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