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    “The secret of the good life is not suffocating in the mind’s bullshit. Bullshit is like heroin . . . it feels so good and protected and safe and warm that even if you do choke on your own puke, you don’t mind so much. The alternative, freedom, is often too terrifying for a mind to tolerate, so the mind hides from freedom behind piles of bullshit, under blankets of evaluation, in a bed of memories. Describing what is true ruins the escape from freedom that being lost in the mind offers. Descriptive words come out of beings who are in charge of their minds. Evaluative language comes out of minds in charge of being. People who speak simply and clearly have chosen freedom over the escape into the illusion of security.”           ~ Brad Blanton Ph D, author of Radical Honesty

    Full Disclosure: In 1992 I was accepted by Fordham University into its Masters program in Clinical Psychotherapy but chose not to take that fork in the road.

    Now I am engaged in a pursuit of a different sort in which human behavior and personal triumph is front and center, namely Network Marketing. When I took this particular fork in the road to enter this arena I thought I was turning away from pyschology.

    Ah, the Force of Destiny or La Forza del Destino! as the Italians would say.

    Back to Dr. Blanton’s book Radical Honesty.  As explained by the author the root of the word radical is the Latin radix, which means root. So the honesty he calls for is ‘root honesty’, the deepest honesty to be found in a person’s being. Only by facing that deepest truth can any one of us be truly free.

    Yet so much of humanity is terrified by and of freedom, so terrified that they have surrendered themselves to authorities of every stripe. In particular, so many who say they are attracted to the appeal of freedom and have claimed that they are pursuing freedom using Network Marketing as their vehicle toward that end, undermine themselves by being mired in the bullshit of their minds.

    To Be or Not To Be.

    In 2008 at the first Networking convention I had ever attended I heard a very accomplished presidential level young woman tell the audience that “this business will challenge every weakness you have.”

    And so it has. And so it will.

    On Saturday May 14, 2011 this was the very topic of a training call offered by Richard Dennis.

    Here is the link. I am sure you will enjoy his call, entitled  Leaders Take ACTION.


    To Be or Not To Be indeed.

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