The Spiritual Basis of Money

This blog is about responsible wealth. During its brief time online I’ve received a few emails asking why I have written about money and coupled it with spirit.

Though there are several posts explaining why, I’d like to expand on that reason.

There is a spiritual basis of all being. I am not saying God or Jehovah or Allah or a god or goddess or any other personality. I am saying a spiritual basis of all being, which includes ideas and principles because they exist just as much as you and I do.

If you prefer to work from the bottom up, then we can call it The Ground of All Being. If you prefer the top down, then it is the Source from which all that exists emanates.

Money falls under that umbrella or grows from that ground because it exists and must therefore have a spiritual component.

Money, as I’ve written, is an abstraction and a symbol for work, or energy expended. Or for energy yet to be expended.

When money is backed by a precious metal such as gold, silver or copper, as it had been for thousands of years of human history, the value of a currency is backed by the human work needed to extract those metals from the earth and refine them.

The currency that is in circulation represents the energy already expended by human beings (free or slave labor is not the issue here right now). Muscle, sinew, heart and lungs are the issue because it is they which make the wealth represented by money both responsible and rooted in spirit.

The existence of paper money is not the issue either because at one time it was printed ONLY when there was sufficinet precious metal on hand to warrant its printing. In other words, it was printed AFTER the energy had been expended. The wealth had been actually created by the human work done.

Such money was still respectful and responsible to the human effort required to create it. Why? Because it was responsibly created based on the wealth of human effort expended to create its value.

Let me repeat that: Money created by human sweat, blood and lives gives it its intrinsic value. The precious metals backing it only represent that effort and those lives. The metals are as symbolic as the paper is.

The trouble and danger that visit human societies throughout history do so when it is decided to print paper money THAT IS NOT BACKED BY METAL ON HAND, OR IN OTHER WORDS, NOT BACKED BY HUMAN LIVES AND ENERGY.

Such “money” is essentially an imaginative fabrication, a trick, a canard, a ruse to create the impression of wealth. This money is called Fiat Currency – and should more accurately be called Fiasco Currency, because that has always been the result where it has been printed.

Money that is printed without any backing of value consisting of human work effort is based on a future promise to provide some value.


Honestly, do you believe that promise will be kept?

Don’t you feel better about paying for your meal in a restaurant, a job done by a contractor or technician, care provided by a doctor or dentist AFTER THE WORK’S BEEN DONE OR SERVICE PROVIDED?

In these commercial/societal arrangements both parties are “kept honest” by payment being provided AFTER RESPONSIBLE ACTIONS OF VALUE HAVE BEEN DELIVERED OR PROVIDED.

And if you think I have fallen into one political camp or the other, pick your head up and see a bigger picture. The politics are created AFTER in order to justify the decisions made.

“Money” being printed now, or more accurately conjured up now, is based on a promise that our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren will have to make good on.

Has there ever been a more exquisitely disguised form of slavery then the one in force right now?

Has there ever been a more irresponsibly created currency desecrating current and future human lives?

Is there any question why the world needs responsible wealth now more than ever?

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Tony, I’ve been thinking about this for a few years…I think of how I finally got completely out of debt and in the black. Then, in a few years I went right back into the red. This lesson is taking a long time to learn!

This is brilliant Tony, well done, my friend.

FYI you will want to check this out…




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