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    My niche and blog topic is that your health and your wealth are one and the same.


    Like many bloggers my choice did not come easily. Faced with the truth that the most difficult part of blogging is zeroing in on your topic and that the conventional wisdom is to avoid those topics that are too wide – such as Health – my choice did not come easily and went under a series of changes.


    Conventionally speaking, health and wealth are two very, very large yet evergreen markets, thought to be too large to write about effectively or meaningfully. Conventionally speaking that is, which is of course Commercially Speaking.


    Well luckily the Internet still rewards unconventional thinking due mainly to it still being in its infancy. I keep reading that it’s still in its Wild West phase, that it’s still relatively easy to get a web business or a paying blog up and running. So that was to my advantage.


    In my favor was my view as a Generalist, seeking to fit pieces together in unique ways, and always believing that overspecialization renders one extinct.


    Additionally while in the process of choosing my topic, I paid close attention to exactly what it was that always gets my attention whenever I get online. And the answer is anything that has to do with health-nutrition-exercise and the factors affecting my wealth, not limited to the value of my money, that being only one aspect of my wealth.


    So I took all that and mixed it with the fact that I have never exactly been accused of being a conventional thinker.


    I am convinced that there are niches that fall between the cracks and that this is one of them.


    In this blog I’d like to share with you why I believe so and how I view these two immense topics fitting together.

    Let’s start here where the prosaic meets the spiritual. 

    The etymology of the two words is remarkably related. Here they are:


    Health ~ O.E. hælþ “wholeness, a being whole, sound or well,” from PIE *kailo- “whole, uninjured, of good omen” (cf. O.E. hal “hale, whole;” O.N. heill “healthy;” O.E. halig, O.N. helge “holy, sacred;” O.E. hælan “to heal”).


    Wealth ~ mid-13c., “happiness,” also “prosperity in abundance of possessions or riches,” from M.E. wele “well-being” (see weal (1)) on analogy of health


    If we pay attention to those boldfaced words  wholeness, sound, well, holy, sacred, happiness, well-being  a picture emerges which I interpret as this:


    I possess health and wealth when I enjoy a state of well-being, wholeness, happiness, sacredness. Further, only when I am sound in body and mind, when both are healed and are one as a whole, not wounded, injured or at odds, can I be well.


    Consider, without your health you cannot create wealth; without wealth you cannot enjoy and maintain your health. To me there is no overlap – they are more like a continuum if not one and the same. 


    Therefore, the name of my blog expresses the desire to live my dream of health~wealth and thus to own my life. The subtitle, Exploring the Continuum of Health-Wealth, is what I desire writing about.


    It being an extremely wide topic, I will no doubt range far and wide. I ask your indulgence.


    Thanks for dropping by. Please let me know what you think and feel.


    Be well and happy.

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