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    I detest politics, preferring principles at every opportunity. But I came across an item on the Internet that has moved me enough to comment on. It is a perfect example of how circumstances have different impacts on adults and children.

    While the hubbub may have died down a bit, the TSA and its invasive behavior has not gone away. I’ll avoid the details, you know what’s been going on. But today this video and story made me first scratch my head, and then dread what our children’s country will look like in less than one generation.

    The story is simply this: passengers arriving in the Savannah, Ga. train station were subjected to searches and scanning after leaving the train and before being allowed to exit the station.

    First question: why wand these passengers AFTER they have arrived at their destination?
    Second question though it is really the ORIGINAL question: where are the mandatory warrants to conduct these searches and seizures our Constitution’s 4th Amendment  says the government so clearly requires?

    Third and most disturbing question and observation of this pernicious practice: While we adults can object to this governmental behavior because of a history of living in this country WITHOUT such invasive practices, what are our children being brought up and conditioned to experience and expect?

    We adults can rail against this because we know what it is like to live in the United States when this stuff never happened, but what of our children? They are becoming conditioned NOT TO CHAFE against these illegal and unconstitutional searches. They are being taught this behavior on the part nof out government is NORMAL.

    It goes without saying that I am all for safety but what kind of country are we allowing to be created by the mindsets of government bureaucrats? This is no right wing protestation against Obama et al. I did not vote for him but I was ceretainly never a fan of Bush’s Act I or II. You get the picture I trust.

    My point of observation is not political but metaphysical. What are we choosing here? What are we allowing to be created? To raise our children in a world of suspicion and tacit fear with a misplaced confidence in how Big Government will protect us?

    I am scared shitless, as much by our protectors as by any possible attacker, and most certainly by what the country will be like when our ten year olds become adults, not ever having known the freedoms we enjoy and going about shaping the country for their children.

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