13 Jul 2011, 5:08am
Why 98% Fail

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    Everyone’s buzzing about the Casey Anthony case. It is one of those social/media events that sort of mark time.

    Personally I know nothing about this at all. No kidding. My life is too full to be wasting it on things that are not going to impact it and the lives of those I love.


    Get over it. Rather, Get Responsible.

    The only reason the Anthony case came before my eyes was that it was mentioned in a brutally honest article in last Sunday’s paper.

    Maureen Callahan in the New York Post wrote SEE NO EVIL – A Nation Where No One Is Held Responsible And No One Takes Responsibility.


    In it she blasts the fact that three Deutsche Bank defendants, two NYC police officers, and of course Casey Anthony, all went free despite damning evidence in all three cases.

    Somewhere toward the end she quotes Marcia Clark. Perhaps you remember Ms. Clark. She was in all the papers, all over the net and TV. I didn’t because I didn’t follow the O J Simpson trial. Another waste of my time.

    However, Ms. Callahan reports that Ms. Clark said the following:

    “I don’t want to say juries are getting dumber, because I don’t want to believe it. But when Jennifer Ford (that’s juror #3 for those like me who didn’t follow this fiasco) said, ‘It’s not for us to connect the dots’ – it absolutely is! That is the jury’s job.”


    OK, so you think the world’s going south in a hand basket. Here’s what you can do about it.

    Be Accountable.

    Be Responsible.

    Keep your word.

    That is so simple a kindergarten 5-year old can do it.

    We might be better off if they ran things.

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    Thanks for this, Tony. Callahan hits home on many fronts, but the one that struck us most was her observation of ‘the level of vitriol’ in the comments on blogs, forums, and newspapers. When reading forums, we make silent bets as to when the comments will turn ugly and ad hominem. Lots of anger out there, and many think there’s no one looking. Callahan’s examples show that it may not matter even if someone IS looking.


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